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b.gluch 09-12-15 04:56

I can't believe I just noticed this! As a TR fan, my dream was to see a faithful remaster/remake of AOD, this is the closest I think we'll ever get to one, and it looks stunning! I hope you don't give up on this project, or even worst, it gets shut down, because you really have something special going on. I hope we get to see a final result one day... even if it's a few years from now. You'll definitely make a lot of people happy. Are you actually planning to redo the whole game?

FreakRaider 09-12-15 19:12

Since you guys were all asking, yes, I am planning on remaking the whole game + adding small additional content :)

b.gluch 09-12-15 20:00

Can't wait! Keep us updated, I already love seeing the evolution of your progress so far.

Caesum 09-12-15 20:12

Wow, this project looks very promising! May I suggest something though? In TRAOD one of the most irritating things on PS2 was the way Lara jumped. Not only it was slow, but also she jumped in a similar way like in classics, which didn't work with PS2 camera. If you compare TRAOD and TRL the way Lara jumps in each game is a bit different. In TRL Lara always faces the direction in which she jumps. In TRAOD she either jumps normally(like alt+up) or sideways(alt+left/right/down), resulting in often deaths. It would be great if jumps were more like TRL, so no matter which direction Lara faces when standing still - when you press jump + directional key, she turns in that direction and jump. Just like TRL.

Especially since jumping sideways like in classics is useless anyway.

Jorje Croft 09-12-15 20:23


Originally Posted by FreakRaider (Post 7506688)
Since you guys were all asking, yes, I am planning on remaking the whole game + adding small additional content :)

this made me so happy. are you going to use original cinematics or going to create your own animations?
long life to you !:cln::hug:

FreakRaider 10-12-15 18:11


Forward jump and proper landing introduced :)

SrDanielPonces 10-12-15 18:16

Amazing work :tmb:

Gamd1011 10-12-15 18:20

This is looking amazing! :tmb:

How familiar are you with coding/unreal? If you don't mind me asking.

klona 10-12-15 19:41

The stopping land looks perfect but I think the jump-to-walk landing animation (Lara seems to freeze before it plays) should be twice as fast.
It looks really great :tmb:, except the bloom is too strong.

Good luck!

CheshireBitch 10-12-15 21:33

I love it ! It's getting better and better ! :)

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