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SrDanielPonces 07-11-15 22:59

I've been watching those videos on Facebook....

I have to say it looks amazing :tmb: I wish you good luck with this project!

AimlessThunder 07-11-15 23:03


VictorXD 07-11-15 23:10

Simply outstanding:tmb: AOD has never looked better! And that's saying something. Please give us more info on this!!1! Are you working on this all by yourself? :eek: Do you want to bring the whole game to new gen?? I probably have a million questions, but these are the ones I thought of for now lol

FreakRaider 07-11-15 23:14

Thank you all! :)
@VictorXD yes, I'm working on this project all alone! Some wanted to join me and "help" but I don't know, I don't really need help atm. And thanks! :)

VictorXD 07-11-15 23:23

You are one brave cookie mister!:p That is a LOT of work for one person alone, and yet you seem to have a good grasp on this. I truly admire your effort, since I know nothing of coding, but I do about animating, level design and modding and I can only imagine how hard it must have been to get it how it looks right now.

Keep up the awesome work, I'll keep an eye out for new posts on this thread for sure! :tmb:

Jorje Croft 08-11-15 01:13

wait this is game or just video?:confused:

VictorXD 08-11-15 02:02

^ A "copy" of the game made in Unreal engine 4.

_Alex_ 08-11-15 02:44

Out Standing job :D I love it :cry:

Peterstar101 08-11-15 03:27

You're doing a phenomenal job! :tmb:

The animations could use a few transitions but aside from that, it's looking amazing! :D

Alex Fly 08-11-15 18:16

I'm really impressed about what I see here. Great work FreakRaider ! I'll keep an eye on this thread. :tmb:

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