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BrokenMirror 13-08-17 13:57

@FreakRider, this update... OMG, this update! It is a big, great improvement! Fantastic job!

Keep it up, don't give up on this project! We all are rooting for you :)

Alex Fly 13-08-17 14:30

Amazing work there! :tmb:

ESCachuli 13-08-17 15:59

Wonderful! I want to see more!

FreakRaider 13-08-17 17:46

Thank you, everyone! :)

Here's an interview I've done with MartimMonteiro for his page croftpt.blogspot.com


1. What made you start develop this project?

- I was always a huge fan of Angel of Darkness and, just like anyone else to be honest, I wanted a remake of it. So when I heard about Unreal Engine and what you can achieve with it, I started working on it.

2. If you had to sum up your project, what would you say?

- Revamp, revamp, revamp. *laughs* I had to restart this project from scratch SO often because of issues with either animations, badly written code or the Lara model herself.

3. Why is your project called Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness 1.5?

- Funny story actually, I did not have a name for it until I uploaded the first trailer and had to give the video a title. *laughs* If you go back and watch it, I'm not mentioning "Angel of Darkness 1.5" at all in the video itself! I just randomly came up with that name, I don't quite remember what I was thinking.

4. How long have you been working on this game?

- Since January 2015 in fact. Things have changed a lot since then as I learned more about the Unreal Engine and coding itself. Many people ask me why I revamped this project so often and I will try to explain it here the best as I can. Basically, back when I started the project, I had no clue about Unreal. Everything was awfully coded so that if I would want to implement something new, I would've had to redo everything again and eventually still face difficulties because of how I blueprinted everything.

5. How many gameplay elements of the original game are you planning to remove/enhance and what new Lara's abilities are you trying to implement, if thatís the case?

- I will try to implement all gameplay elements that were cut out that can still be found in Lara's animation files, such as throwing something small to see if there are lasers, carrying boxes in her hands, acrobatics, etc.

6. Are you planning to use the original character models or are we going to see new HD ones?

- I will use the original character models! Maybe, but only maybe, I will create/use already existent HD textures of characters, but that's it.

7. Will this project include all the levels that were planned initially, for example the Germany and Turkey levels, that later on were deleted in the final version of the game?

- No, it will only feature Paris and Prague and I have a reason for it. I remember having read somewhere that even though they had plans, artworks and ideas for Germany and Turkey, they were probably going to be left out anyway. Time will tell if I get Germany and Turkey in it, but I don't think so at the moment.

8. Having now access to the beta documents of the original game, how will your game story be? Is it going to be exactly the same or will you make some changes in the plot?

- It is going to be exactly as it is written in the beta documents and final game. I might add some little story details though, for example what that mysterious box is, that both Pierre and Bernard want.

9. There is another AOD related fanmade project called Tomb Raider: Realm of Fallen Angels, which is a sequel to the original game. Is there any kind of cooperativity between the developers of both games?

- No.

10. At the moment, in what stage is your project?

- It was now revamped for the last time, celebrating that now the official AoD animations are being released.

11. What expectations do you have about this ambitious project?

- Well, I plan on releasing a demo. It will be the start of the game which is Lara going to Werner von Croy's apartment (that is already a playable section). It will cover the following gameplay: the player has to go to Werner's apartment, the player has to escape from the building and then from the police/police dogs, the player has to escape the Parisian Backstreets into either Derelict Apartment Block or Police Station (this is a deleted level from the final version of the game). Both of these ways end into Lara finally making it to Carvier's apartment.

12. Where can we follow the evolution of your game?

- On my YouTube channel named "Larole": https://www.youtube.com/c/FreakRaider

Alex Fly 13-08-17 18:12

A great and interesting interview! Thanks for taking the time to reply to his questions. :tmb:

Wooxman 13-08-17 18:15


Originally Posted by FreakRaider (Post 7768888)
Just a small teaser showcasing the animations that were extracted with the extractor of nakamichi :)

Also check the website in the description, it will have an interview about the game soon.

This look soooo good! Are the controls like in the PC or PS2 version? It looks a bit like the PS2 dual analogue controls.

SrDanielPonces 13-08-17 18:46

yass gurll u can do disssssss

Peterstar101 14-08-17 06:40


Originally Posted by FreakRaider (Post 7768888)
Just a small teaser showcasing the animations that were extracted with the extractor of nakamichi :)

Also check the website in the description, it will have an interview about the game soon.

That menu is utterly gorgeous, great work! :D

Heckler 14-08-17 14:59

Absolutely stunning!!! :cln::cln::cln:

JOHN30011887 14-08-17 15:25


Originally Posted by FreakRaider (Post 7756648)
Yeah cryptic messages aside, I'm remaking the Angel Of Darkness song.
This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0-i4zNCesk

oh god, i remember this song

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