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mizuno_suisei 21-09-19 03:22

4mb and 8mb TRA
Does anyone have the original 4MB version of TRA.exe from their disk? I've got a PAL disk which is the 8mb exe, I'd really like to get my hands on the 4mb one.

Can't find much info online about them except that they exist.

Seems odd anyway - Anniversary never released any official updates. Unsure why Two exist.

boleklo_lo 21-09-19 19:30

From where did you got your ver? Steam ultimate ed. 2009 or else?

mizuno_suisei 22-09-19 02:34

It's a DVD disk that was sold here in Australia, I bought it on release day

boleklo_lo 24-09-19 19:35

I need to install it, to do this i have some time soo... You have to wait some time

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