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igor32 20-04-14 00:19

Could someone test this?


For me they are not displaying at her hand, but at her shoulder and head


A_De 05-05-14 08:00

One of my friends who isn't registered here asked me for help with his trouble. After he updated TRNG to v. he sometimes gets this in game:


This is the horizontal strip which jerks and distorts the screen. So the issue is how to get rid of this. Game is running on Win7. Please help.

@Titak: well, if this is not a bug I'll go to general thread.

Titak 05-05-14 09:15

[B]@ the above two posters:[/B]
Questions/issues like this should be posted in a seperate thread or in the general questions thread.
This is for bug reporting only.

tomb2player 17-05-14 20:59

I discovered couple of bugs:

1. When Lara is floating on the water surface, there is no flare sound ( default sound sample name " crysmash " )

2. When Lara is diving underwater, there is no sound when we are in save or load game menu and moving up or down through the savegame list. The same is with " Pause Menu " when we are pushing " Exit to Title " - sound is missing. Normally when Lara is outside water all mentioned sounds are working properly. As far as i know, there is no way to attach sound samples to Main Menu and all others... or maybe i am wrong? If there was this possibility, it could be easy to fix, because i think it's related to missing sample attachement...

3. When we set music or just silence in inventory, 2 sounds of big and small medipack are missing ( medi_fix and lara_no ). When i remove this feature from script, everything starts working.

4. Font ( standard game font which for example can be edited with Liekkuri ) is a little bit wider in save and load game menu, and in controller menu ( where we can attach keys to Lara's moves ) This problem was in TR4 as well, but not in TR5 as i saw.

bagas 31-05-14 12:55

I discovered a bug that causes me trouble at animation scripting
It seems that the ENV_CLIMB_WALL commands didn't work with a ceiling climbable block (you know, when you decrease the elevation of the ceiling for like 8 clicks) and make it climbable by clicking the green "climb box" in LE.
Maybe we can add ENV_CLIMB_CEILING_BLOCK in the next update ? :o

I don't know if it's just me.
But if you want, I can send you my animations to test it :o

Joey79100 25-07-14 14:32

May I ask something?
It's not a bug, but a kind of request for the next update or later...
Could NG Center make a temporary copy of the script files (in a subfolder of the corresponding script folder) when we start it, so it works on the temp files and save them only when we click on Build or Save?
And also ask confirmation when we quit NG Center if we want to save changes or not... It could avoid a lot of problems when for example the PC crashes, or we make accidentally a change on an include file for example... Because for no, as soon as we quit the onclude file, it's saved automatically.

Oh, also, when we switch from the script/an include file to an include file/the script, the zoom is lost automatically. Same when we open NG Center. (I mean the zoom with Ctrl and the mouse wheel)

That's all, thank you if you do that. :)

tomb2player 28-07-14 16:24

When i reached a big number of sound samples in one level ( don't know exactly how many, didn't counted ) a strange bugs appeared. While playing level Lara was completely invisible, but i could still walk, shoot and normally play. Second bug - when Lara was close to switch which activated door - game crashed to windows with TRNG error report. I didn't do more tests, maybe there are more bugs according to reaching this limit. Anyway, after deleting some unused sound samples in sounds.txt list, bugs disappeared :) . I don't know if this has to do with number of lines ( sound slots ) in sounds.txt, or is it related to number of sound files.

Joey79100 28-07-14 21:58

Lara being completely invisible isn't related to the sounds. I don't think. It appears at random times, I already got this bug, I remember Rouge also got it... All you have to do is to make at least slight modifications in your level and convert it again, and she will reappear. That's what I do at least everytime it happens. :)

Caesum 30-08-14 23:44

I discovered a bug while testing elevators. It happens on both and version. Every level which has a working elevator in it will crash if you disable sound in setup window.

Tested with my own level, Paolone's demo and Mists of Avalon. It happens in all of them.

-Roli- 31-08-14 22:25

Another limitation, unfortunately. :( :

When you're making a Von Croy level, and would like to activate the little cutscenes, then you have to type this into the [Options]:

NewSoundEngine= DISABLED

It's a shame. Hopefully it could be fixed somehow in the future. :o

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