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Titak 24-04-17 11:25

Oh duh... never mind then. :vlol:
My Mayvacation has started. Let's just say I'm not quite awake because its vacation. :vlol:

OverRaider 27-04-17 18:31

Using TRNG

Something suspicious about:


Has anyone encountered something unusual when using this script command? Took me quite a while till I figured out that this command is probably buggy. When going into inventory or pause the game the screen is blinking/flickering in random split seconds, but what is worst (it`s not 100% it`s only an assumption) that very rarely it [U]changes the background music![/U] I mean if I enter inventory the background music changes, or if I pause the game or if I use f5 f6 to save/load game etc... As I said, this happens very rarely, but still unsure if it really is this command causing it, but since I removed it the flickering/blinking of the oinventory screen doesn`t happen anymore and neither I`ve encountered the audio change yet so...???? anybody anything more about this?

Titak 27-04-17 20:51

This really is the thread for reporting confirmed bugs.
Since you are not absolutely sure, this is best posted somewhere else, like and new thread or the TRNG chat thread, so people can test and see if it happens on their end as well.
Once it has been confrimed that this script is the culprit, it can be posted here.

OverRaider 28-04-17 05:48

Oh if so then sorry, I thought that here we can report/discuss potential bugs.. I am mostly trying to avoid creating new topics but anyway, this script is causing flickering of the inventory screen for 100% (or at least on my pc), I am just not 100% sure about the audio issue if it`s related to this or not though...

Titak 28-04-17 14:14

Report, yes.
Reporting confirmed bugs.

If anything is found that might be a bug and it needs to be discussed, that's what all the other threads are for. :D
Just to keep this thread as clean as possible so Paolone will have an easier time finding the real bugs that he might need to look into. :)

AkyV 28-04-17 15:33

Sometimes the game refuses to start. Sometimes, after updating plugin DLL or building the script or converting the project (but not always if I do these things).
I checked it with the log program:

[QUOTE] 0: WinRunCheck[/QUOTE]

This is what the whole log was.
I need to restart the computer or at least log out/in, to fix it.

tomb2player 02-05-17 16:21

I don't know if it's right thread for this kind of question, but. Is it possible to make something like "slide show" using images from PIX folder and organizers? It could be for example used for simply "cutscenes", that contain only images. Of course there is always possibility to do this as FMV, but there can be problems with them.

I wonder also if its possible to add using this method fancy effects like one image overlapping old one when coming on the screen, etc. Or only plain regular image swaps are possible.

I think that it's good idea for new tutorial for forum's tutorial section, if anyone is interested to write. :)

Titak 02-05-17 16:24

This thread is called [B]TRNG - Bugs & Limitations Thread[/B], so this is indeed not the right thread for this.

The general chat thread would be more suiteable.

tomb2player 02-05-17 16:26

Yes I agree, I will create new thread better.

DJ Full 02-05-17 19:22

Here's definitely a bug, of the "Script" tab of NG_Center:
If you press "go to bookmark" if no bookmarks exist, the program falls into endless, unbreakable search loop.
There's no other way to stop it than terminate the process, losing all changes since the last save.
Nothing big but can be annoying.

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