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Nerdy 13-02-19 10:02

Is it considered cheating/unfair if you use walktrough?
Or does it depend on how much you use?

What if you use it all the time?

Boobandie 13-02-19 10:13

Yes. Because you aren't solving the game.

However, there's nothing wrong with that. A game is meant to be enjoyed, if using a walkthrough when you get stuck (or indeed, actual cheats and bugs to get items and see areas you aren't supposed to) helps you enjoy the game then that is the way you should play it.

Nerdy 13-02-19 11:17

I dont want to use weapon cheats anymore. But I dont like to get stuck for a long time.

Maverin 13-02-19 13:00

You should always play in a manner where you enjoy it as much as possible.

I tend to use cheats after I've already beaten the game, just for fun. But I never use them when I'm going through an 'official' playthrough. It just takes away that rewarding feeling completely.

Using a walkthrough is something else entirely. I use them quite often, because if I really don't understand where to go or what to do then it quickly drains away the fun. I only use them when necessary though.

thabani33 13-02-19 13:54

When it comes to TR4, no it's not cheating to use a walkthrough. It's one TR game I couldn't beat without a walkthrough :D

Nerdy 13-02-19 14:35

Awe. Thank you!! Yes! And I agree with the cheating. For weapons etc. I can see myself cheating when I replay it. I did cheat before but its my first time not cheating. I did not cheat with tomb 6 and after. And when I was a child. I didnt cheat in tr2. Some kid told me some codes but I did not believe it was possible. We did those codes wrong and was possible. Haha!

Lavender 13-02-19 15:16

I don't think its cheating, sometimes you just need it if you're going for all items and stuff, nothing wrong with that

NoahCrofRaider 13-02-19 16:07

Yes...? I hesitate to use the term ďcheatingĒ, because that sounds a bit worse than it actually is. Itís technically cheating, but I donít think itís as big of a deal as skipping a level or getting all weapons, for example.

Like others, I would just say that you should do whatever makes you enjoy the game the most. If thatís frequently using the assistance of a walkthrough, go for it. If itís getting stuck and trying to solve it completely on your own, with maybe a little (or no) help from a walkthrough, then do that. :)

Lavender 13-02-19 19:52

We finished a level without looking once just now so I don't count it as cheating lol

Mek 13-02-19 20:55

I wouldn't say that using walkthrough to complete Tomb Raider II is cheating or unfair. It is just your attitude to gaming. But, personally, I perceive every game as a challenge and I try to use walkthroughs as rarely as it is possible, but sometimes it is not possible not to use it.

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