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meta2tr 18-07-10 10:01


Originally Posted by TR-Freak (Post 4754409)
cool,and how do I change the Pivot?

Click on Local in Metasequoia. Then click on the mesh that has the pivot point that you want to move (in the object list).

Nausinous 18-07-10 10:02


Originally Posted by meta2tr (Post 4754391)
You can import any mesh, I got most of mine from Google Warehouse :

You add an object with a mesh tree in the original Wad. Then in Metasequoia, you replaces the meshes and adjust the pivot points if needed.

So do you need WADmerger or can you import objects into the WAD through Meta2?

meta2tr 18-07-10 10:22


Originally Posted by julien (Post 4754379)
just amazing!:jmp: good work:D
I found some bugs in the river
She swim and she can't go out the river

LOL that shouldn't happen. It's because there is a static with collision that overhangs the bridge. Anyway, I've fixed it, either download this file, and drag it onto meta2tr.exe that's in Data, and the level will update,
or download the entire demo level.

meta2tr 18-07-10 10:36


Originally Posted by Nausinous (Post 4754414)
So do you need WADmerger or can you import objects into the WAD through Meta2?

You can't import to the wad. The wad file format doesn't support uv-mapped objects. Only the TR4 file format does. So that's why meta2tr imports to the TR4 file.

For example, to import a new a uv-mapped horse, you need the horse object in your wad, as a place holder. Then when you have your level (the tr4 file), you can replace the old horse with a the new one.

Titak 18-07-10 10:41

Psiko once stated that it is better to have one huge object instead of multiple smaller ones to prevent lagging.
Well, my Croft Manor is lagging in some areas and a large cave I made is also lagging.

Since I haven't used Meta2TR yet or looked at all the info this might be an obvious question... :o But...
My manor is pretty much finished. I have all the objects made and placed, etc.
Now, my idea was to delete some of the placed statics, lets say one particular plant, leave at least one in and convert to tr4.
Then use Meta2tr to open the level files with that one plant left in. All textured and lit, so those things are done.
Now, could I take that one leftover plant, copy it multiple times and make it part of the room geometry without having to texture each and every one of them all over again?
And would making them part of the room geometry indeed reduce the lagging?

psiko 18-07-10 10:54

building it as room geometry will reduce the lagging, but in case you use a fake invisible static to reproduce the collision, we're back at the same problem.. :)

Titak 18-07-10 11:24

Well, I already deleted all the faces but the floor one of those invisible static objects. That already helped. :D
And those plants don't have collision so that will not be a problem in the greenhouse. :D

So my idea will work then?
I mean the part about leaving one plant and copying it and all that.

*PH* 18-07-10 11:34

Just seen the ingame doppelganger! OMG! :tmb: The whole level looks so awesome

Nausinous 18-07-10 12:04

I still don't understand this, so you create rooms in NGLE and then edit them in Meta2tr but then how do you get Lara as that other character and all uv mapped? I'm so confused by it all.

Titak 18-07-10 12:19

You can use Meta to UVmap objects and room geometry.

As on how to do it, there's an entire website about how to do things with Meta2TR on the Meta2tr website. :D

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