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HeinzFritz 09-09-18 19:03

Try merging the objects into the room geometry first and then open it all in meta and apply the weight to the selected vertices.

LoreRaider 09-09-18 19:29

That's what I do, with that list I merge some statics into the room geometry, then I open the RoomAll.mqo file, select the verticles I want the effect and then apply the changed weights to those verticles

Btw seems that using an old version (actually I've tried v7) makes this effect working, except for some still, which also were working on my PC (not the laptop) :ponder:

Craig Michaels 31-01-19 22:05

Iím curious if anyone has used meta2TR to make realistic tree trunks/branches that Lara can still on on - like in TR3 but with more curves?

Titak 01-02-19 12:25

Nope, not yet. Well, I haven't. Perhaps other builders have.

But it made me think about it, and the issue would be the Lara either wouldn't be able to hang from the branches or that it would look odd if she did (for example hands in midair because of the rounded branch).

But... what about using bridges to create the branches. With the BRIDGE objects you can now also create narrower pathways for Lara to walk on, and you can make them sloped, diagonal, circular, etc.
You won't be able to hang from those types of bridges though, but that would be okay I think.
And with the bridges in place, you can then use Meta2TR to create the branches themselves. :D

Craig Michaels 02-02-19 11:27


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 8036280)
Nope, not yet. Well, I haven't. Perhaps other builders have.
But... with the bridges in place, you can then use Meta2TR to create the branches themselves. :D

Great idea! Actually, I wasn't thinking so much of the branches, but mostly of the tree trunk itself and the possibility of making it rounder. Do you think that could be done?

Titak 02-02-19 13:58

That's no problem. Especially not if you stick to a one-block wide trunk.
Collision won't be round, but if you edit it in such a way that it makes a nice compromise between the box collision and the round trunk, I don't think it would be a problem.
If you want a round collision, well, then the bridges customisation will work. :D

Dino14 23-05-19 12:57


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 7559300)
I have some objects which won't take on the surrounding lighting even though they are merged with the room geometry.
They do keep their static lighting even if I assign the pure white lighting.
They do react to Lara's PLS for example, just not to ambient lighting.


What can I do to get these objects to react to the lighting of the room? :ponder:

Have anyone solved this problem? I have exactly the same problem as Titak had a few years ago. I have tried several Meta2TR and Metasequoia version but no luck. This is really odd because everything worked fine before.

LoreRaider 24-05-19 20:55

^ Maybe setting the static with moveable lighting will do the trick? You can do it on StrPix
I never had that issue though :ponder:

Dino14 27-05-19 15:00

^ Thanks, that works! I just wonder what causes this :confused:

Boobandie 02-06-19 08:01

Literally just what type of lighting you choose.

Static - Lighting stays the same no matter what the room lighting is.

Movable - Lighting changes based on the room lighting values.

Titak 02-06-19 09:03


Originally Posted by Boobandie (Post 8095203)
Literally just what type of lighting you choose.

Static - Lighting stays the same no matter what the room lighting is.

Movable - Lighting changes based on the room lighting values.

I've had static items merge perfectly with the room lighting after merging those statics with the roomgeometry. Had to change the light on the statics to perfect white, but it did the trick fine.

But it was as Dino said: it stopped working after a while for some reason.
All os a sudden they would appear as having no light ingame.

dcw123 12-08-19 18:22

Guys n gals - can someone tell me the way to merge objects with room geometry to fix lighting errors.
I had static objects with movable lighting in Strpix and in-game they look a little messed up.
I didn't want to resort to static lighting type as shooting or flares would make them not react.

Titak 26-04-20 11:56

Got this error:

Portal error found.
Check Port002Fr092To074 in Room092, it should lead upwards to Room074.
Check that no part of this portal is outside of the floor area of the upper
room (Room074)

I do not understand what it means.
I have not touched this room or the portals in anyway in Meta.
The portal mesh is in the correct place, where the rooms are connected in the editor.

The newlevel file is not created due to this error.

**** EDIT ****
Infamous forum effect kicked in it seems... :rolleyes:
This room 74 has the portal down into room 92 right in front of the wall, the edge of the room. So at the edge of the floor area.
I made the portal a tiny tiny bit smaller (moved it away from the wall just a tiny bit) and now the error is gone. :D

Agsel C 22-11-20 02:20

Could someone help me please?
Hello modders. Could someone please assist me in acquiring the Version 6 of meta2tr. I have scavenged the web for nearly 2 hours now and have gotten no luck. All past links to this version, even on this thread have expired by now. I really would appreciate it since the only way I can use meta2tr would be with Version 6 given I use Dxtre3d as base editor and versions 7 and 8 do not support it anymore. Please and thank you if anyone has a copy or link to it. :confused::confused::confused::confused:

HeinzFritz 22-11-20 12:23

Meta 2 tr v 6
Here is the version 6 of Meta 2 tr


Agsel C 22-11-20 16:51

Thank you soooooo much HeinzFritz!!!!!! God Bless You!

dcw123 05-01-21 14:10

I wasn't sure where to post, but looks like here is best.

Having some funky issues with Metasequoia that, at times, makes it impossible to even build or study large objects.
If an object is too big and goes past my grid, the program starts glitching.

I cannot move objects as the Handle no longer reacts.. though sometimes it will randomly at random camera angles or if I play with the perspective.
Other times - the object itself will disappear behind a 'wall' of background colour.

Is there anything I can do to fix this.. here are screens to show the issue

Mouse is highlighting the arrows, but they don't respond or 'lighten'

Move the camera to upwards here:

Moving camera around or zooming causes this issue below:

Sometimes , even the Handle itself can also disappear in this way.. very odd.
All I wanna do is move an object and its a battle with the camera :(

A_De 25-01-21 05:22

View -> set view -> [playing with slider] perhaps?
Also temporary moving the room to center of axis with Local button on can help. After the editing is done just open properties of Local and set room position back to 0, 0, 0

Ado Croft 07-03-21 16:16


How to import a whole level with static objects to metasequoia?
I need it because I create a level with invisible collision blocks. I would like to edit them in meta. I can only open static objects in meta separatelly :hea:

Thank you for your advise :hug:

SrDanielPonces 07-03-21 16:56

are you using ngle or te

Ado Croft 07-03-21 17:16


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8283920)
are you using ngle or te

I'm using new TE :)

SrDanielPonces 07-03-21 18:10

then you cant use meta2tr, in fact its not recommended. use imported geometry instead

Titak 27-12-21 17:25

This message has been driving me nuts today. :hea:
All portals seem to be correct in the editor, because I'm not getting any errormessages when converting the project.
And I am not touching any of the portals in the RoomsAndFloor.mqo.
I even tested with a freshly unpacked RoomsAndFloor.mqo which I did not edit it at all. Only saved it.


Portal error found.
Check Port012Fr082To086 in Room082, it should lead upwards to Room086.
Check that no part of this portal is outside of the floor area of the upper
room (Room086)
When checking said portal, and a couple of others that also get a similar errormessage, it fits the portal hole nicely, just like any other portal object.
It sometimes works to reduce the size of the portal object a tiny bit, but then, with later saves of the RoomsAndFloor.mqo, the error surfaces again even though I haven't touched the portal again.

Any ideas what this could be? :ponder:

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