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Joey79100 26-06-16 20:53


Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION (Post 7604409)
-A patch that fixes the walking anim of the SAS (He stops at every step and this is annoying);

Is this a known bug? I haven't heard about it. Maybe it's specific to some versions of the SAS, and in this case it would probably be possible to fix this within the animations?

Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION (Post 7604409)
-A patch that makes Von Croy and the guide, with a certain OCB code, attacking Lara if she shoots them;

With TRNG, using a baddy with an AI should do the trick. If the flame is needed, TRNG's AddEffect= can be used, and for switches and things, I guess it's possible to force animations and trigger things where it's needed (I'm not saying it's easy though, I haven't tried).

Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION (Post 7604409)
-A patch that makes Von Croy's head non-shatterable (if Lara shoots at Von Croy's head with the lasersight it shatters like skeleton one);

Didn't know about this, I had to try... This made my evening. :vlol:
Does it still happen if you're using an Enemy= command to make him not targetable? (not sure this sounds English...) I know he's not, but perhaps it could change something.

Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION (Post 7604409)
-A patch that makes Baddy1 and Baddy2 with a certain OCB code attacking enemies until Lara shoots them, like the prisoners in TR3 (the big scorpion attacks the other enemies, but it can't climb or jump..).

Would be great indeed. This could work well with humans and animals in the same place, like TR3's crash site. You could make a way for Lara to pass without being seen, but able to see the fights between the enemies. :rolleyes:

LGG_PRODUCTION 27-06-16 09:25

The soldiers of the Crash Site are TROOPS :)
But it would be great if we can use enemies that attack other enemies with fists, knives, swords and sticks, and that can also jump and climb (same anims of Baddy1-2).

For the SAS, if you put him in TROOPS slot he runs and was normally.

Joey79100 29-06-16 15:32

You can use AI_FOLLOW object on baddys so they work like Guides and Von Croy until you shoot on them. They're originally not able to trigger things (I mean, special things that Von Croy and the Guide could do like using switches for example), but with TRNG maybe it's possible to force an animation when the baddy reaches a certain point.
Here's what the manual says about AI_FOLLOW:

AI_FOLLOW – Baddies with this behavior are probably "goodies". To make a baddy wait for Lara to follow him to a specified point on the map, drop an AI_FOLLOW object on its block, and drop another AI_FOLLOW on the map where you want the baddy to go. Use this to get "baddies" to show Lara a switch or a secret room. If Lara attacks the baddy, he will immediately forget about the follow behavior and attack her instead (except with the Guide in “Tomb of Seth”, Lara can’t kill him and he will not attack her).
It wouldn't be a perfect solution of course, but a nice workaround if forcing the animations work correctly. :)

Joey79100 29-07-16 21:33

I hope it is okay to double-post.

We know the Roll Key Setting patch doesn't work.
What would be great would be to have a patch that completely disables the actions related to Roll and Up+Down keys. This way we could re-implement them ourselves with TRNG and keep control over them.

Because even if the original Roll Key Setting patch worked, it would be still limited to what TRLE offers. I'd like to add animations that allow Lara to turn around while running just by pressing the back key (just like AOD on PS2 or on PC with sasho's patch), but I have to specific animations of course for each step Lara is doing.
But of course, the Up+Down keys behavior breaks it all and makes it impossible to work in-game (except if you bind it to another key). :(

Would someone be able to do a patch like that? :p

AODfan 14-08-16 11:49

I have ported 2 patches from TREP to FLEP recently :)

The first patch allows you to store savegames in a separate "save" folder instead of having them all lying around in the root folder. I always hated how messy it looks when you save a lot so this patch is a must for me :p
The only downside is that you HAVE to create the save folder yourself, otherwise the game won't save at all.
There's a TREP patch that supposedly automatically creates a save folder, if there isn't one already, but when I applied it to the TRNG tomb4.exe nothing happened. I'm not even sure if it worked in TREP in the first place :ponder:

The second patch allows you to change Lara's hair position on the adult and the young Lara model. This for example allows you to create better fitting hair on the TR2 and TR3 Lara models.

I made sure to give credit to the original creators of the hair patch but unfortunately I couldn't find out who made the save folder patch :o


I tried porting a few other patches such as the health bar showing in the inventory when the player selects a medipack but they all made the game crash.
There's also a TREP patch that allows you to change the FOV and this helped me create an almost perfect "true" widescreen effect but it's unusable because the FOV resets when you enter the inventory :(

I hope these patches are useful to at least a few people and I'll see if I can't port a few more but I fear that will be a bit redundant once the new TRNG update releases :p

Tombraiderplay 14-08-16 13:22

How did you "import" them from TREP to FLEP ?

AODfan 14-08-16 13:42

You need to enable developer mode in FLEP by editing "flep.cfg" and setting "developermode" and "developerview" to 1. This allows you to create your own patches. To view the contents of the TREP patches you need to open "patches.drc" in a text editor like Notepad++ and see each byte the patch changes.
I usually ported them over manually first with a HexEditor like HxD to see if they were even compatible with TRNG. If that was the case, I copied them over to FLEP. In some cases, like the save folder and the FOV patch, I had to compare a patched and unpatched tomb4.exe in the HexEditor to see the differences because those patches aren't saved in the patches.drc file.

Ligufaca 14-08-16 18:06

Thank you AODfan, that ponytail patch will be useful. :)

Baratheon 14-08-16 18:14

Wow, awesome! I'm using the save patch. You're a superstar (also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me because of this[??]). :hug:

Caesum 14-08-16 20:44

Wow! Awesome! I'm so glad someone is still making patches for FLEP. This and information about TRNG 2.0 being resumed are one of the best news so far in the TRLE world. :jmp:

Btw, would it be possible to add back free camera mode for right analog stick? As far as I recall it was present in TREP but is absent from FLEP.

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