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Felix Kroft 14-02-21 17:57

How to make multiple keys to open door?
Where can i find Complete Guide for DXTRE3D?

I'm having a serious problem with setting up triggers [4 Cogs / 1 Door ]
Plus, i want to animate cog on the walls.

So far, i've only managed to trigger just multiple cog mechanism animation, but the door remains closed.

Think of The Lost Valley cog mechanism minus the switch to activate.

Where can i find some tutorial?

And yes, i've read the manual for DXTRE3D already.

Bojrker 14-02-21 18:31

The setup is the same as in trle, so you can read also trle manual. The difference is just in the layout of the editor and more things can be done manually.

For 4 cogs to open the door, you need to unpress codebits from 1-5 in each trigger. You can use for example 1 ON 2-5 OFF for the first trigger, 2 ON for 2nd, 3 ON for 3rd and 4-5 ON for 4th. (explanation for 2 bits triggers is on page 97 and for triggers on page 25)
Each of those triggers will switch on just the selected bits. Then simply select all the objects you want to trigger and add them to the trigger box.

Here is the link to the manual:

Felix Kroft 14-02-21 18:49

Thanks, gonna grab some tea, and then i'll do some testing in editor.
I got it to work only partially, it confuses me sometimes.
But thanks for answering so quickly!

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