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Nina Croft 07-09-21 22:38

Video tutorials for TRLE/NGLE and level building tools
I am starting a series of video tutorials for TRLE/NGLE and level building tools, mainly MetaSequoia, StrPix and WAD Merger.

The first video in this series has already been uploaded to my new YouTube Playlist. This video shows:

- how to create an object from scratch
- how to import that object into a WAD
- how to texture that object in StrPix

Detailed tutorial for StrPix and MetaSequoia follow in a matter of days.
Expect also tutorials on scripting and creation of textures in Photoshop (with Lima's assistance).
I hope I will also be able to make a tutorial on UV mapping and Blender.

Feel free to add the tutorials to their respective section on this forum. Right now I have no other place in this forum to publish this thread.

All videos are in HD (1080p).

Stay tuned! More great surprises will follow!

Tutorial How to create and import new objects (in MetaSequoia and StrPix) here:


Nina Croft 08-09-21 05:43

Another video tutorial, for both TRLE and NGLE, this time showing how to use Rollingballs to trigger various events and multiple events at the same time.
In this case, how to:
- open one door with nine puzzle items or keys or switches
- lower three raised blocks with every three puzzle items, keys or switches
- ignite nine burners with each puzzle item, key or switch

(nine switches, each ignites one burner, every three lower a block and all nine open a door).

Link to the video:

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