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Paddy 29-12-08 00:12

Eager to finish X-2.
Want to get X and XII soon.

Immortalis08 29-12-08 03:04


Originally Posted by Trigger_happy (Post 3330520)
Oh-er-ba? Her names a mash between French, Japanese and Latin. Her parents must have hated her.


Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish (Post 3330544)
Undoubtedly :p

Well...having the other parents named their children "Lightning" and "Snow", I just can´t determine who hated their child the most XD

Seriously, they were given those names in a stormy and frosty day respectively.

:vlol: And naming your child "Paine" isn't bad? :D

Minty Mouth 29-12-08 11:33


Originally Posted by Immortalis08 (Post 3344811)
:vlol: And naming your child "Paine" isn't bad? :D

Id always assumed Paine was just a sort of Nick-Name that stuck. :p

Paddy 29-12-08 11:45

Paine sounds like a good name for a person :)

Trigger_happy 29-12-08 11:51

Paine's a surname, so that's not that bad. Everyone at my school gets called by their surname.

Minty Mouth 29-12-08 11:53


Originally Posted by Trigger_happy (Post 3345331)
Paine's a surname, so that's not that bad. Everyone at my school gets called by their surname.

Its a surname in our wold, maybe, but probably not in the FF world.

2kool4u 30-12-08 18:51

Well....this thread i never really thought id see myself in. A good friend of mine got me into FF. He told me to start off with Crisis Core and to start up with FF7. I just finished crisis core and holy **** that was pretty epic. The music the characters you could sorta relate to. Im starting 7 now and i got the remake of number 4 on the DS a while back but havent been able to play it as much. The new game looks rad too.

Paddy 30-12-08 18:52

Im gonna buy Final Fantasy XII today. Really would love to play that one.

NatlaAdorer 30-12-08 19:33

i love Final Fantasy

IX is my fave along with X-2

nakamura 31-12-08 21:12

FF12 was staggering. I cant see how people dont like it. Felt so much more free and no stupid random battles. The story was also excellent, certainly not as fantasy like as the other but a great war epic. Characters were amazing, Balthier stole the show but aand Penelo were so underused. Locations were incredible, music perfect. Voices were great if a little muffled and Vaan was crap.

The only critism i agree with is about buying thr AI, it should all be there from the start. The whole battle and gambit system was great, no different to te old days except you dont need to input every command. You could even turn gambits off and the ATB to active or wait.

There is no reason not to like the game.

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