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dg1995 12-04-19 21:00

Can we all agree that Legend has the worst opening in the history of franchise?
Imo it is one of the worst openings in video game history.(I even consider MK special forces opening to be better than this due to this that at least that was funny to watch unlike this)


They just wanted to make Lara look like James Bond. If they instead shown some gameplay it would be a much better opening.

Chamayoo 12-04-19 21:21

It was cheesy as hell hahaha especially the music
I don't hate it though

Rai 12-04-19 21:30

I agree it does make Lara look like a female James Bond rather than a Tomb Raider, but I think it fits the time it was released and is quite fun. So to answer your question: No.

ActuallyArlow 12-04-19 22:40

I never really thought deeply about it but I did always notice the 'James Bond' vibe. As someone who generally enjoys openings (Soul Calibur, Smash bros, SSX) I didn't really mind and quite enjoyed it actually. I can see why its a tad out of place tho. CD was probably taking a page from the films.

NoahCrofRaider 12-04-19 23:07

Idk, I think the worst opening goes to... Actually, nevermind. It is the worst, of my least favorite. TR has always had really nice openings imo.

I never noticed the James Bond style, but I think it kinda fits. Lara looks pretty awesome, and that handstand at the end was everything. Not to mention Lara and Zip’s dialogue was very memorable.

JsotoTRSaga 12-04-19 23:44

I Love it :confused:

HarleyCroft 13-04-19 02:27

Haha, it's so bad :vlol:
Especially the "sha-wing!" music that plays when the camera pans up Lara in the evening dress

NoahCrofRaider 13-04-19 02:30

Oh wait, we’re talking about the one before we press “start game”? In that case, yeah, the opening is hilariously bad. Ugh. :vlol:

Kirishima 13-04-19 09:57

Unless you had the Xbox version (original, not 360), then yes, I agree.

JoelCaesar 13-04-19 11:32

Yeah, I agree it wasn't that great. It showed Lara to be more of a badass than a tomb raider.

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