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ViNi__ 15-10-09 00:01

ok then, I'll create it :pi:

ggctuk 15-10-09 10:26

Added new request thread: Artwork Request Thread.

ggctuk 16-04-10 18:58

Added new request thread: Sound Request Thread.

ggctuk 02-05-10 18:51

Added http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...ew Object Team.

Sakkemix 12-06-10 14:28

EDIT:Nevermind....Changed the place of question..

mudkip25 18-02-11 11:16

I think you should the Playing Custom Levels Chat thread. :)

Los Angeles 28-07-11 16:36

Umm.. Where could I possibly find sound effects?
Klicking sounds, menu sounds, etc.

On TRSearch aren't a lot of those. :)

KurtisandLara 28-07-11 16:45

Well, this possibly could help. Not sure how much though but thought it would be nice to post here.

HAHA LOOOL XD 12-10-11 18:53

Does any one knows where to find and aod run animation?

Laras Boyfr. 12-10-11 19:19


Originally Posted by HAHA LOOOL XD (Post 5755068)
Does any one knows where to find and aod run animation?

I know, but I wont tell :pi:

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