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egypt_gypsie 13-05-13 23:07

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Anubis

[working title]

- Yes, I realize that this may be a little early for a thread, but I feel like I have the game fleshed out enough, and enough to show. :o
- I also realize that I do not have any credits in this thread, but don't worry, I will have a very long read-me in which I will credit everyone that needs to be credited. The most prominent credit I have to give at the moment (based on the screens I have in the thread) is Teme, for his beautiful plants.


The Bracelet of Anubis has been recovered from the Ahm Shere Oasis, and is now residing in the British Museum. Lara takes a trip to London in an attempt to steal the bracelet for herself, but finds that others are closely guarding it. They bring her to a city that she previously only thought was a myth - Hamunaptra. Upon escaping the city, she travels back to London to take back what was stolen from her. Infiltrating the home of her assailants, whom she learns are the descendants of the O'Connells, she acquires the bracelet, and brings it back to her treasure room. Upon closer inspection, she reads an inscription on the inside of the bracelet, and learns of a hidden temple in Ahm Shere, and she thinks it may hold the treasure of Anubis. Once there, she discovers that the treasure is not what she thought.

[Extra Notes]
- The game will feature numerous easter eggs from the Mummy movies.
- The game will have a TR 1 style atmosphere.
- I am in need of someone who can help me script, sort of like a partner purely for scripting. If anyone is interested, PM me.


Part I: British Museum (0%)

- The Sewers [Under the Museum] 30%

- Museum Basement

- The Museum Floor

Part II: Hamunaptra (10%)

- Temple of Elements 50%

[ Puzzle Sub-Levels ]

- Tomb of Light [Ra] 40%
- Tomb of Fire [Sedjet]
- Tomb of Poison [Ahew] 50%
- Tomb of Water [Mew] 30%
- Tomb of Stone [Ta]

- The Maze 70%

- Temple of Blood 10%

- Ihmotep's Tomb

- The Desert

Part III: Back to London (0%)

- London Streets

- The O'Connell House

Part IV: Croft Manor (0%)

- Grounds

- Manor

Part V: Desert of Ahm Shere (0%)

- Oasis/Jungle (will feature many side/optional temples)

- Pyramid of Ahm Shere

Part VI: Not Yet Revealed (0%)


[Some screens are still works in progress]

Part I: British Museum (Sewer, Basement, Museum Floor) (0%)


Part II: Hamunaptra (10%)










Part III: Back to London (0%)

Part IV: Croft Manor (0%)

Part V: Desert of Ahm Shere (0%)

Part VI: Not Yet Revealed (0%)

Tulilintu 13-05-13 23:50

Looking very good! :tmb:

I love braidless TR1 Lara. :D

God Horus 14-05-13 00:32

Ooh, love it! The lighting is so good and atmospheric. Just make sure the lighting of objects matches the color of the room!! :D

Mytly 14-05-13 21:05

Very nice. :tmb: The colours are a bit strong for my personal taste, but if that's the look you like, then why not? That said, I do the the red and green contrast in this screenshot. :)

egypt_gypsie 15-05-13 01:13

Thanks =] I just like playing with light a lot (particularly underwater). Usually end up with colorful setups.

I kinda wish there was a global brightness feature. Just change the entire room to be darker, without having to change the ambient lighting.

egypt_gypsie 24-08-13 04:55

Two new screenshots:



Nothing too huge.


SrDanielPonces 24-08-13 13:10

Great ! Looking foward to it ...

Andes 24-08-13 13:12

Love the colours :) I've been dipping an exploratory toe into level editing and tend to go for a colourful approach, but end up lookin like an explosion in a paint factory. Yours do not!

The Tomb Of Pain? Sounds promising, hehe. Aren't they all? :D

rufierto 24-08-13 15:37

Nice pics!!!:jmp:

TR FAN 18 24-08-13 15:50

I'm loving the TR1 style graphics in the screens! :D

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