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mizuno_suisei 09-05-19 09:25

I am Uzi, hear me roar
After a few message requests, ive decided to type up a quick explanation of how to restore the original Uzi sound in your PC, Android or IOS version of TR1. If you've no idea what I'm on about, please see videos below.

REQUIREMENTS: your own copy of TR1 for PC or PSX. For PC, preferably the gog/steam/tombati versions.

TRMOD by b122251 (windows exes are deep within)

This file containing the Uzi sound effect. (35.wav)


Firstly, open cmd/command prompt to see where your default directory is located (start, run, cmd). It will more than likely be C:/Users/*your profile*/

Copy trmod.exe, 35.Wav and the level files you wish to edit (level1.phd, level10c.phd etc), all into the folder that appears for you in the last paragraph.

Open cmd/command prompt again.

Now that your files are located in the directory cmd points you to, type the following

trmod.exe yourlevel.phd replace sample 35 35.Wav
for the following levels only

trmod.exe yourlevel.phd replace sample 43 35.Wav
for the following levels only

trmod.exe yourlevel.phd replace sample 50 35.Wav
for the following levels only

(It will look like this)
C:/Users/*your profile*/> trmod.exe level10c.phd replace sample 35 or 43 or 50 35.wav

Press enter.

Cmd will perform the conversion for you and you will notice your now edited phd file is now updated (check date modified to make sure it worked). trmod doesn't show confirmation if it's succesful, but should be fine.

Now you can copy your edited level file back into your TR1 Data directory and play the game.


Original PC Uzi sound

Modified PC Uzi sound


This updated Braid mod has all Uzi sounds corrected

b122251 09-05-19 11:31

Awesome. I like the fact that somebody is actually still using TRMOD (although that old version of the program is absolutely terrible, and I should really release an update).

mizuno_suisei 09-05-19 11:37

Is there potential to export and import the entire texture map?

b122251 09-05-19 12:51


Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei (Post 8086677)
Is there potential to export and import the entire texture map?

There are tools for that, but not TRMOD. I remember a tool called Jack! by Stefan Schneider.

Sardoc 09-05-19 13:16

There is Jack! for saving/importing texture maps, defining new textures, etc. Fantastic tool. Also has support for importing/exporting transparency maps.

On a sidenote, I tried to contact the author and see if I could get the source code, because it doesn't work with TR5 (can't remember if it works with TR4 either). No luck though.

TombHackR 09-05-19 20:16

I can almost confirm this can be done on the iOS version. I've replaced all the level files with the new ones.
The game is loading the modified level files correctly.
Now I appeal for your help... where is the earliest Uzi pickup in the game? :D

Sorry for huge images!!

Woops 09-05-19 20:52

Can't you just do the all weapons cheat? It should work.

TombHackR 09-05-19 21:23

All weapons cheat only works for the TR2 iOS version, not TR1.

I wonder if I can just import save games from the PC version, however the save games on iOS (for both the original game and expansion pack) are in .tub format which Iím assuming is the format used for unfinished business (canít remember what savegame format PC original TR1 uses).

mizuno_suisei 10-05-19 05:14

Tombraiders.net has Android and IOS savegames. Use TR Savegame editor to give yourself uzis. If not...the earliest level is sanctuary of the Scion ��

mizuno_suisei 10-05-19 05:15

If the save files are .tub, rename to .0, .1, .2 then rename back to .tub once you've added Uzis.

Savegame.tub > Savegame.0 > Savegame.tub

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