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mizuno_suisei 24-06-19 02:15

Awd2wav improvements?
Here I go again!

Awd2wav is a pretty nifty little tool to pull sounds and streams from TRAOD levels.

It however has some limits.

When attempting to extract from Japanese awd files, I only get English wav files. I'm guessing and could be way off but..I'm thinking the AWD files are multichannel (track 1 English track 2 japanese) and the tool is only extracting the first. Atleast this confirms they're merged. Ingame you can switch between audio language.

Not that it matters but I just discovered the French version have ONLY French audio. Why do the Japanese have to complicate things so well :vlol:

nakamichi680 24-06-19 08:20

Without awd2wav source code it's unlikely it will ever be improved. It would be easier to make a new tool from scratch.

mizuno_suisei 24-06-19 09:03

Argh that's a shame.

I'm 99.9% sure years ago when I tried it only extracted single channel wavs. Will try again if I missed something

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