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Muhammad 24-10-21 10:10

I don't usually rant, but it really amazes me how these patches with immediately visible problems were handled, and I was so hyped about the 18th Oct Release date

UroshUchiha 16-11-21 13:47

A new patch just dropped

Portugalraider 16-11-21 14:47

Basically the same patch, but without the bug that would leak Epic Store's dumb always online DRM even on Steam copies.

Quite a shame the bug first occurred to begin with, but at least it has been fixed now, and we know SE didn't mean to replace Denuvo with something worse!

laracroftswest 19-11-21 00:37

How does it look with DLSS? Will probably update at some point this weekend.

Heartache 19-11-21 04:32

its really great. you get 4 different options. for performance you get a huge fps boost with a good picture. had overall around 120fps on 4k highest settings.

and with highest quality there is basically no more aliasing to be seen anywhere. not even all her little hair strands cast little steps anymore and i still had about 60fps overall. though i have a heavy machine

laracroftswest 20-11-21 18:55

^ thanks :tmb:

I've downloaded the update but now it's telling me my display driver is out of date yet I can't seem to find a place to update it and now can't activate DLSS :ponder:

In other news, looks like all of my interactive tutorial buttons are gone. For example, no pressing square to pick something up. Not sure if it's a glitch but I don't mind the immersion. Tried it in exploration mode and in challenge tombs...gone in both places. Please don't fix this lol

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