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klona 02-08-22 19:57

I was thinking of having a special "Download external" or "Mirror download" that would increase the count on the download and then link the user to the author's site. But there are so many hoops to this that I just decided to go with what we have now as there are many giant levels that are hosted externally like WoTW and Hypersquare.

The site can still be linked inside the level page itself, but it will only say "Website" with no indication to download. That's my gripe with it for now... and changing the current system is pretty low priority as there are other stuff I'd rather have first to make the website more complete.

mizuno_suisei 26-09-22 03:01

Suggestion if they're welcome! The FAQ should contain a mini tut on how to avoid the antivirus issue, something trle net never had.
I'm still forever suggesting trle levels to completely novice players and, a place on the actual site to explain how to set up the exclusion issue would be handy imo.

The site is absolutely brilliant by the way, exactly what we needed :tmb:

klona 26-09-22 10:13

Thank u!

I'm planning on expanding the FAQ section in one big update in the future.

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