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Rai 06-05-19 23:11

Here's a couple of poems I've written that I decided to record in video form. I'll post the text version as well. I dunno why my voice comes out so quietly, it doesn't seem that way in the recording, just in the final edit. I need to work on it.

Torn Heart:

You took my heart and tore it up
You smashed me with your words
Took away my mind, my soul
Banished them to the end of the earth

I was a package ready to be unravelled
Open to possibilities and the new
To you I was no better than trash
To use not reuse, left me cold and blue

I listened to my heart, yet didn’t hear
Fell through the cracks of pain
Held your words soft as silk
Was left to cry, left out in the rain

My hopes rose then were lost
From the light into darkness
A flower trying to grow and bloom
Petals falling, crumbling brown like rust

I’ll take my heart and I’ll fix it
Glue in the cracks, patch the holes
Pretend like all is back to normal
Your love was fake; I’m ready to play a role.


This one I posted already, but wanted to include it in this thread.

It's TR fan fiction:

Alone in the Dark of Heart and Mind:

Alone in the dark of heart and mind.
I look for a way out, to leave the past behind.

Wading through a swamp of memories
I may as well be climbing mountains and trees.

My history is dense, my future unclear
I hunt for a truth like I'd hunt for deer.

With caution I'll move pace by pace.
Take my time, I don't know what I could face.

Each new thought is another turn in a maze
I Need to find a way out of this haze.

I step into night when I need to find day
I struggle to find the right way.

My way ahead is like a scraggy wall
I'll need to take a leap of faith, try not to fall

If I can find courage, hope and sense
Maybe I'll break down this lonely fence.

I feel like I'm wondering into a dark cave
To save myself, I must be brave

To stop myself from being trapped
I can't let my energy be zapped.

I must fight to beat this confusion
Use my senses to see past an illusion.

Alone in the dark of heart and mind
To myself, I must be kind.


I hope you like them. I'm hoping t get more than just 2 views :p.

tlr online 07-05-19 15:03

Thank you for sharing Rai.

biscuits 07-05-19 16:10

I LOVED the torn heart poem!! Especially the last few lines. This is a wonderful piece :tmb:

SunDormant 07-05-19 19:07

The first one is lovely and melancholic.

The second one, I couldn't help but picture Reboot Lara saying it. It'd suit perfectly for a trailer, in a similar fashion as the "Reborn" trailer done for TR2013 (preferably with no live-action commentary, as that made it a bit cringy for me :o )

Rai 07-05-19 19:39

Hey, thank you for listening/reading! :D


Originally Posted by SunDormant (Post 8085808)

The second one, I couldn't help but picture Reboot Lara saying it. It'd suit perfectly for a trailer, in a similar fashion as the "Reborn" trailer done for TR2013 (preferably with no live-action commentary, as that made it a bit cringy for me :o )

This one, as fan fiction was written with RB Lara in mind ;).

Rai 21-11-19 00:13

This one I wrote years ago, based on a fictional relationship:

Do you Remember?

Do you remember when you picked me flowers
when we first met?
That was the day my love for you
was set.

Do you remember when we danced on the beach
under moonlight?
Or when I called you from the bus depot, in labour
Oh what a plight!

Do you remember when our son
scored a goal?
You were so proud, camera in hand.
Or when he saw a dear little foal?

Do you remember sailing over ocean,
making plans under a foreign sky?
Those were the days I thought
our love would never die.

Do you remember our plans,
our fears, our dreams?
Thatís all forgotten now it seems.

Do you remember when
you said your last goodbye,
and I tried so hard not to cry?
Do you remember?
I do.
It tears my heart in two.

Rai 05-02-20 19:34

I have your love in my sight,
but being with you, is not my right.

You're in my heart, in my soul,
but being with me, is not your role.

I'm nothing without you by my side,
I guess I'll try to keep my pride.

I kept my love away from you,
there's nothing left for me to do.

My love for you is in my mind,
there's nothing like it, it's one of a kind.

There's nothing like it, in the end,
the love we share is just pretend.

Rai 10-09-20 23:58

Another poem. Sorry my voice is so quiet. I don't know how to make it louder. Maybe I need to buy a mic :p.



Take your pride and write it in a letter.
Send it to yourself and it will make it seem better

Hold your truth in the palm of your hand.
Donít let it seep through your fingers, like grains of sand

When life is too bleak, turn on the light.
The darkness is weak, when youíre willing to fight.

When the man in the moon is staring at you,
Tell him the sun can play this game too.

When the river threatens to overflow with loss
There is no bridge too long to cross.

Even the most delicate flower with petals unfurled
With inner power, will rise up to meet the world.

The strength in you is not a balloon that can pop,
Itís a beautiful bird that can fly and not stop.

Reach out for the help that you need.
Thereís nothing to fear if you take the lead.

Thereís no shame in going down the slide,
Just know with time youíll swing with pride.

tlr online 11-09-20 01:27

I really like your poems.

larafan25 11-09-20 10:50

You have such a nice voice. Very Reboot Lara-like.

I love the poem too, super sweet. Hope you get inspired to show more. <3

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