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Rai 11-09-20 13:27

Thank you so much :D.

TrustyBow 11-09-20 17:07

Great poem! Your voice could cure cancer :jugoflove:

Rai 11-09-20 18:17

Thank you, Trusty *blushes*

TR1249 12-09-20 17:34

They're really beautiful, loves it :hug:

DOPE 12-09-20 22:18

your poems are really beautiful :hug: “strength” in particular got me quite emotional and your voice really brings it to life. I wish you’d put out an audible series or something lol

Rai 13-09-20 18:24

Thank you so much TR1249 and Dope. :hug:

BlueCake 14-09-20 07:13

You sound like TR1 Lara to me... :cln:

Rai 26-10-20 19:23

I'm flattered, BlueCake :)


A Tomb Raider one this time. I haven't recorded this one.

Bold and brave running through the world carefree
Where do we go this time? What sights to see?
Jumping and climbing, no time to waste
We're not tourists, no local delicacy to taste.
Weapons ready, there could be an enemy
A wolf, a bear or random mercenary
Thinking cap on, this could be tough
Dodging traps, these ancients play rough
Let's make a camp, upgrade our gear
I sense the artefact could be near
Don't you see, it's all in good fun
In blizzard or storm or a day in the sun
We travel lightly, but are always prepared
In our adventures that we have shared

wmcintosh 26-10-20 22:19

Absolutely beautiful, listened and followed along as you spoke.

Strayyy_ 26-10-20 22:25

Those are some very good poems! :D

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