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wmcintosh 26-10-20 22:31

And, read the ones you didn't have videos for. Prefer to listen and follow along though.

Rai 27-10-20 17:24

Thank you for the kind words :D

Mr GaGa 28-10-20 04:40

Nice to see a fellow writer. I really enjoyed your work Rai. I'm a published poet myself, here is one of my poems that got published in a book earlier this year :)

Spring Flowers

I watched your elegant bare sandal less foot crush down the grass
Aqua Marine perfected nails defined sublime beauty at last
Golden blonde hair complimented the visual of a crisps morning sunrise
Electric blue eyes took me by surprise
Please come back and be untimely still
I just need another glimpse from my third floor window seal.

Perfume that completes your pale sun screened skin
Peach flavored soft lips make me subtly grin
I lost my way following your finely crafted thighs
Ignored all of your obvious made up lies

You had me from the start on that sunlit spring day
Knocked all of my impenetrable defenses away
Your very voice was like a poem with every syllable you say
Such a shame I couldnít find the crucial words to make you stay
The bitter sun has set turning the clear blue into dark bright star skies
I promise Iíll think of you before I finally close my eyes

Tommy123 29-10-20 00:19

These are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing

Rai 18-01-21 18:44

I did this Tomb Raider poem as a Secret Santa 'gift' on twitter. I thought I'd share it here. I haven't recorded this one as I'm doubtful anyone would want to hear it.

Egypt Claimed It's Prize:

As the storm swirled around me
I could not find the way.
Like the sand in my hair, Egypt had found me
I knew it wanted me to stay.

The winding path might confuse me
my way forward is not so clear.
No ancient trap will ever stop me
whether left or right, I do not fear.

The whisper of ghouls surrounds me
their secrets they will never tell.
Yet the myths and legends will allow me
to solve the puzzles left, so well

A hint of a shadow won’t scare me
no monsters will be too big
The guardians of tombs will try to fool me
lead me astray from where I need to dig

Trinkets of silver and gold could tempt me
Of all things once lost, not new but old
Magic spells or nature’s way won’t bind me
they’re there to be found and to hold.

The curse of the land may pause me
the answers I seek I’ll always know
Those wrathful Gods won’t trap me
the consequences of action I will sow

While no climb will ever trouble me
along the way to my final goal
Those rocks may fall to stumble me
to the tune of my own fate, I will roll.

My name is Lara Croft, you might know me
My story is yours to bend
My fate is in your hands, so guide me
If I should ever escape Egypt, well…

The End.

lance6439 19-01-21 01:20

You write so eloquently. Loves it! :jugoflove:

Cat Woman 19-01-21 15:27


Originally Posted by Rai (Post 8247539)

A Tomb Raider one this time. I haven't recorded this one.

Bold and brave running through the world carefree
Where do we go this time? What sights to see?
Jumping and climbing, no time to waste
We're not tourists, no local delicacy to taste.
Weapons ready, there could be an enemy
A wolf, a bear or random mercenary
Thinking cap on, this could be tough
Dodging traps, these ancients play rough
Let's make a camp, upgrade our gear
I sense the artefact could be near
Don't you see, it's all in good fun
In blizzard or storm or a day in the sun
We travel lightly, but are always prepared
In our adventures that we have shared

I just read/played all your poem posts, but I really liked this TR reference one. Can picture and hear Lara saying this. You should consider compiling them all in a book. Very well done. :)

Rai 19-01-21 18:18

Thank you Lance and Cat Woman. :D

tlr online 19-01-21 18:55

Always like reading your words Rai. Thank you for sharing too Mr GaGa.

Rai 01-02-21 19:45

Thanks Justin!

I decided to record it. Rubbish pics, but I don't have any Egypt pics. Perhaps I should play TR4 again and take some screens :p.


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