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Ed180 16-11-20 09:09

Tomb raider and tomb raider 2 ios14
Hi everyone
Just got a new iPhone SE and thought I’d try tomb raiders 1&2 on it(with the possibility of being able to use a PS4 controller). Redowbliaded apps , ready to play And.... sound but no picture! What’s going on and is this fixable? No idea what’s going on but I did pay for these games so feel bit annoyed.

tlr online 16-11-20 15:36

Welcome to the forum. Someone should be along soon with some advice.

Ed180 16-11-20 16:09

Hi there
Thanks for the welcome! All the best

tombfly 16-11-20 17:43

I have the same issue. Game loads and there is audible sound but no picture on iOS 14. I think this is the end of the story. Developer said when they pulled the games out of the AppStore that those who purchased the games before will have access to the games in the 'purchased items' as long as they have a compatible operating system installed. iOS 14 is obviously not compatible :(

UroshUchiha 16-11-20 20:59

iOS 14 is not compatible with those games anymore. Reported by a member ~2 months ago here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...6&postcount=40

Ed180 17-11-20 09:21

Ok. Cheers for reply. I still have an iPad running ios13. Was disappointed with it not running on 14because then a PlayStation controller would have worked. Oh well.

techno-atom 22-11-20 21:38

They still work on old android devices if you have one lying around. I played them a few months ago on my Amazon Fire Tablet.

UroshUchiha 23-11-20 16:37

They also work on an Android emulator for PC if you have a PC.

matt27 27-11-20 19:08

Tomb Raider 1 still works apart from the cutscenes , you just have to wait. Tomb Raider 2 doesn't work at all though.

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