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Emix 24-11-20 10:03


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8255326)
Yeah I agree, I rarely check the "Future of TR" section cause it's full of conspiracy theories and people being lowkey toxic to one another. This section is where the talks should happen for Reloaded in my opinion.

Exactly. I mean it's whatever for me personally. But on this forum they switch it up constantly. You either follow your own rules or you don't, it's that simple.

Chamayoo 24-11-20 11:48

I think both threads have their place. It's a future... mobile... game. :D
Once they will announce a new main title the other one will disappear in the abyss and everyone will come here to talk about this game. :)

Emix 24-11-20 11:54

That sub-forum is for the main games in the series. So Shadow sequel or whatever is next. This is a sub-forum for mobile games. Tomb Raider Reloaded is a mobile only, F2P game. It's simple really.

tlr online 24-11-20 13:32

Both can stay open, it's all good. I was letting you know there was another more active thread in case you wondered why this one had few replies.

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