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Rai 04-10-15 20:58

What are your favourite levels?
Poll by Saint Sophie :)

Sophie asks if you can restrict your choices to just 3 if possible. I've split levels into 3-4 levels/areas if that helps.

Trenton 04-10-15 21:12

Only three? An almost impossible choice as I pretty much worship every single TRII level in a religious way. Ah well, three it is then. :p :D

- Bartoli's Hideout
- Catacombs of the Talion
- Floating Islands


Voxsound 04-10-15 21:17

Oh my, I didn't read the "restrict your choices to just 3" until it was too late :o

Pretend it's:
- Bartoli's Hideout
- Diving Area
- Barkhang Monastery

Quebsenuef 04-10-15 21:23

ONLY 3!?


Kidding, this is DIFFICULT! I love about 12 levels!
I'm trying to work it down...

I just picked 3 and I feel so bad about not choosing the other ones I love.
It's like Sophie's Choice but with levels hahaha :vlol:

-Wreck of the Maria Doria
-Home Sweet Home

Patrick star 04-10-15 21:36

My top 3 :

1# : Barkhang Monastery

2# : Temple of Xian

3# : The floating islands

Honorable mention : All other TR2 levels except the rig levels and 40 fathoms :D

Saint Sophie 04-10-15 21:39

Am I allowed to vote on my own poll? :p Anyway:

1. Temple of Xian
Goes without saying really, I'd have to award the greatest level in Tomb Raider 2 title to quite possibly the greatest level in TR classics history. When I first played it, I hated its guts. But now I've really come to appreciate what a beautiful, twisted and brutal level it is. That ambient track... whoa. I love it I love it I love it :jmp: :jmp: :jmp:

2. Wreck of the Maria Doria
This level is one of my biggest memories of playing TR2. It's also one of several levels in TR classics that scares the crap out of me. It's not that anything really scary happens, it's just I always had that strange feeling of 'being watched' while playing this level and it drips (quite literally) with atmosphere and isolation and to cap it all, you're in an upside down ship! How cool is that!

3. Barkhang Monastery
It reminds me of St Francis Folly but on a much bigger scale; you know, retrieving objects through puzzles, except with the added feature of actually having allies for the first time in a TR game. Plus the level is so beautiful aesthetically.

I'll agree, this was a hard pick. I was torn between Floating Islands and Barkhang Monastery but FI is pretty similar to Xian in a lot of ways.

Patrick star 04-10-15 21:57

Great choices Sophie ! :tmb:

*Sophie's choices* :D

sackboy123 04-10-15 22:00

Floating Island
The Dragon's Lair
Home Sweet Home

Lara_Fan1 04-10-15 23:53

Can I vote for the credits? It's the best thing about this game.

Anyway, I'd have to say Great Wall, 40 Fathoms, Barkhang, Temple of Xian.

NoahCrofRaider 05-10-15 00:04

So many good choices! But my favorites would have to be...

1# --Opera House

2# --Offshore Rig

3# --The Dragon's Lair

4# --The Great Wall

Some of my most favorite levels! :D

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