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b122251 24-10-19 09:28

The Golden Mask Playstation Release
Hi everybody,

I'm happy to say that I have ported Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask to the
Playstation. It was quite a difficult project, and it took quite a bit longer
than I was expecting (I started in February, and only finished the levels in
June). I have built three versions: English (PAL-UK), English (NTSC-US) and
Japanese (NTSC-J). They can be downloaded from my website (b122251.org) under
Tomb Raider -> Games. The Japanese localisation was done by Suikaze Raider,
and I want to express the greatest thanks to him. On the disc can be found a
file called NOTES.TXT in which I go in depth about the course of this project.

This project was originally conceived as a demonstration of what can be done
with a program I have written, which I am also releasing today: tr2pcpsx. Or
"Tomb Raider II PC to PSX Level Converter", which is a sequel to the program I
wrote last year to convert Tomb Raider I levels to the Playstation, and it does
exactly the same, but with Tomb Raider II levels. It can also be downloaded
from my website, under Tomb Raider -> Tools.

Have fun. :)

EDIT: At the request of TombRaiderTim, I added a few screenshots.

annl 24-10-19 09:39

Downloading! Congrats on this, it must have been very hard!

michaeldt 24-10-19 12:25

Great to see this done, along with Unfinished Business! :jmp:

b122251 24-10-19 12:30


Originally Posted by michaeldt (Post 8143557)
Great to see this done, along with Unfinished Business! :jmp:

Thank you. I would like to clarify that Unfinished Business was done by
Gh0stblade, and this Golden Mask conversion was done by me. There is no
relation between the two projects.

michaeldt 24-10-19 12:56

Do you have any plans for The Lost Artifact? (Is that even possible?)

b122251 24-10-19 13:02


Originally Posted by michaeldt (Post 8143565)
Do you have any plans for The Lost Artifact? (Is that even possible?)

People said Golden Mask was impossible too, and yet here we are. So I'm
hesitant to make any statements on whether it is or isn't.

SaraTheCroft 24-10-19 15:29

Beautiful work b122251 :tmb:

dcw123 24-10-19 16:56


I have all the GOLD games on PC with the new patches to kind of make it PS1 like..
I still prefer the PSX versions though :)

Can't wait to try this (plus it means I can play it on my mobile phone too)

TheBlueFox 24-10-19 17:14

Thank you for this tool, downloading right now.

TombRaiderTim 24-10-19 17:16

Would it be alright to see a video or two in the OP to check it out before downloading? Maybe a couple of screenshots too! :D

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