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tlr online 08-08-14 16:34

Sad news regarding Spong
Hi all.

I received an email today with an update about Spong. I do not know the sender, but I'm going to take the email at face value.


Not sure if you heard the terrible news but Dan (Spong) passed away last month. Sorry for not letting you know sooner, but as I am sure you can understand this have been difficult trying to trace his family and friends, I know that Dan used this site and many of your users he considered friends. I'm not sure how this works but perhaps you could post something to let people know. Many thanks Trevor
Wherever you are Spong, we miss you and you are, and always will be, awesome.

MegaGamer 08-08-14 16:37

Spong! No! :( Even though I don't know him, I'm so sad right now! May he Rest in Peace. Spong will never be forgotten :(

Newraider75 08-08-14 16:38

This is terrible news. R.I.P :(

Lenochka 08-08-14 16:38

Oh wow, that's really sad :(
Hopefully he went peacefully.

Rai 08-08-14 16:39

Trevor was one of his house mates.

My god this is sad news. We weren't together for years since, but I still cared for him. I have no further words. I have to process this. :(.

Edit: I'm still in shock, honestly. Rest In Peace, Dan. You were a good man, a kind person who was there for me during a difficult patch. We may not have lasted, but you made a difference to my life that I'll never forget and always be grateful for that. I hope you somehow knew this. I will always care for you deeply.

Tonyrobinson 08-08-14 16:43

This is absolutely devastating the forum has lost a great poster and a greater friend. I am in genuine shock. Devastated for those close to him on the forum and off. :(

noonbob 08-08-14 16:43

Oh my god no wonder i haven't seen any posts from him recently :(

May he rest in peace and bless his soul,
i will miss his posts in the Resident Evil thread
they use to make me laugh.

Does anybody know what happened to him, Was he ill ?

klona 08-08-14 16:45

I was just starting to get to know him better. :(
Rest in peace, Spong.

Mad Tony 08-08-14 16:45

****ing hell. R.I.P. if true

Hope it's a fake email.

irishhips 08-08-14 16:46

Wow, this I didn't expect, I didn't know him that well but he was well known here, it always sad to lose a member from TRF. RIP Spong :(

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