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adngel 16-11-21 18:05

Yes, the problem was when there is a PARAM_PRINT_TEXT active. Looks like it not compatible to have both features actived at the same time.

(In the video, you can see that when I holster the weapons, the bars reappear, but also when I holster the weapons, hides the text line "GOLD" that was behind the health bar, that was intended, I only wanted to show that text line when the HUD appeared).

I've tried instead of the plugin, use a normal Custom Bar, and it doesn't dissapear, I can have the printed text and the bar together. So at least is a choice

- If I keep the gold text line (with the quantity collected) I may not use the plugin, but I may use your old tutorial to make a Boss health bar at least.

- If I discard the gold text (making the player needs to check the the gold in the inventory or just printing the gold in the shop where there are not enemies) I could also do that way to keep using the plugin.

x But Gold text + plugin enemies bar. Nothing, it's a very rebel combination. XD

AkyV 16-11-21 18:13

And you have more choices to print a random text on the screen, not only PARAM_PRINT_TEXT:

1. The oldest printing flipeffects of TRNG have no script (PARAM) references.
3. In my plugin#2, I also have a PARAM_PRINT_VAR (not only for "VAR", i.e. variables) - but this text remains on the screen even for menus or loadscreens, if the condition is still true to print it (except if you remove it with a complicated PARAM_MENU_TRIGGER setup).

adngel 16-11-21 18:22

That's looks interesting for my case, thank you Aky I'll try them too, (any of them will have to work XD)

Today I'm with modelling meshes tasks, but surelly I'll update with my progress when I get back to programming.

Fenris77 27-01-22 22:48

Hi all,

A newbie question here;

So I recently got into making TR4 levels and learned a bit about the scripting functions. I'm really impressed with what you can do with Global triggers etc. :D

I discovered about the AkyVmix01 plugin and the new Flipeffect and condition triggers seem really nice. Problem is that they don't show up in Tomb Editor after installing the plugin, so I can't export their script lines to my level script.
They do show up in the trigger screen in NG room edit, but I feel like its not giving me the right script lines as most new conditions and flipeffects dont work.

Is there any other way to conveniently use these new triggers?
I know this question might be a bit vague but I'm just figuring things out still :o

Thanks in advance :)

AkyV 27-01-22 23:04

You are right, you need to export plugin triggers from NGLE, and then you can place them in TriggerGroup script commands in TombIDE, and then you place triggers for TriggerGroups (eg. F118) down in Tomb Editor to execute the triggers in that TriggerGroup.

For the other thing:
Plugin triggers exported are longer than classic TRNG triggers exported.
I mean, you can see that plugin triggers are starting with the numbers of 01, 02, 03 etc. which classic TRNG triggers can't have.
You need a Plugin script command for that plugin installed in TombIDE. Check the ID in the Plugin command. Eg. if that ID is 1, then that number in your plugin trigger must be 01, not 02, not 03 etc.

(I could tell more about it, but perhaps that would be too much to a newbie. :) )

Fenris77 28-01-22 17:28

Hello and thank you for the swift reply.

Yes, I feel like some of this stuff is still a bit beyond my scope. :o I don't exactly get the part about the plugin script command in TombIDE! Other than that, I get what you mean I think :)

Will focus on building the rest of my lvl for now :D


AkyV 28-01-22 17:49

The command name is Plugin. :) Theoretically it should be generated by itself when you install a plugin to that project.
If not for any buggy reason, you can add it manually. See the help file of that command in the bottom part of the scripter tag of TombIDE: click to Reference Browser tag there, then see the little window in the upper left corner of the Reference Browser window. Click on it, then choose "New Commands List" in the list opened. Then choose "Plugin=" in the list of the big window below, to open the help file.

justin 05-08-22 16:02

Hey Aky! How do I set one of your variables to a very large #? I though the max was 2 147 483 647 but I get an error trying 16 777 215, NG_Center says it's out of range.

*EDIT* Also do you know if it's possible to copy an RGB to the light of an object using your VAR Master? I Thought it would be using OMZ 34, but maybe I'm wrong? Or maybe I need to specify the item index?

*EDIT again!* Yes, I just needed to specify the Item Index! This will very awesomely free up an old variable that is somehow getting overlapped.

So now I just need to know what NMB to use to make the object blink white?

AkyV 05-08-22 17:01


Originally Posted by justin (Post 8367449)
Hey Aky! How do I set one of your variables to a very large #? I though the max was 2 147 483 647 but I get an error trying 16 777 215, NG_Center says it's out of range.

Paolone set script fields to host numbers maximum between -32768 and 32767, so including Var Master script fields. (So these fields are like SHORT variables.)
There are some easy workaround tricks to have really big numbers in Var Master. :) Here is one, in three steps:
1. Define a pure big number in a Var Master script field - between SHORT limits.
2. Multiply it to have a really big number, stored in an nvar (which can store really big numbers).
3. Polish it more, eg. with adding/subtracting to have the exact number you want.

The other tricks are similar - eg. adding two big numbers below the limit to get a bigger number above the limit.


So now I just need to know what NMB to use to make the object blink white?
The memory zone features are very limited sadly for object colors. Mostly you can use only conditions with "Light on object" Item Memory Zone fields. The only working executable one is forcing a blinking color on the object - exactly what you want, in “Light on object. RedGreenBlue ambience (Long)” Item Memory Zone field. You need to force the feature continuously (with a GlobalTrigger, or a multiple/continuous TriggerGroup), to have it. The rhythm is hardcoded - however, not clearly constant, eg. motorbike color are pulsing differently with or without Lara on it.

Good news, that you don't need Var Master for that. - I mean, see this flippeffect in my Plugin#1:

F565:Moveable. Start/stop forcing the required pulsing color on <&> object

However, if you are curious for color codes to use, then once I told it. Quoted:


If you have the RGB code you want to force then turn it into hexadecimal format. For example the color is R/G/B=20/100/50. It is $14/$64/$32 in hexadecimal. Merge the numbers: $146432. Then turn that back into decimal: 1336370. This 1336370 is your Value Y.
In your case Value Y is the value you want, naturally.

justin 05-08-22 20:24

Well this is what I am using for now and it's great:


I just through in 32000 to test (it's sort of green?). I totally forgot about multiplying the number, and I couldn't remember where I saw your notes about it :)

Either way, this allows me to blink many many objects at the same time without using any Variables or Current Value :)

I'll try multiplying to get to 16 777 215 (I think this is the decimal for White) Thanks!!

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