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Kyle K. 19-03-21 12:54

The Great Chi - Memorial Thread
Welcome to The Great Chi Memorial Thread!
This thread is here to honor the life and accomplishments of iconic Tomb Raider modder, The Great Chi! Chi joined Tomb Raider Forums in 2006, and YouTube in 2008, and for the past 12 years has created insane Tomb Raider Mods and funny videos with those mods! A couple of his videos had upwards of 80,000 views, and he was able to achieve 1K subscribers on YouTube, which is no small feat for a Tomb Raider YouTuber! On March 19th, 2021, Chi's son uploaded a now-deleted video Chi had prepared before his death, stating that he had passed away. He linked some of his videos for download in the description of the video, but thanks to efforts in the community, we have been able to archive more videos, as well as some of his playable mods and original music created for some of his videos! (The link to the archive is below!)

Feel free to use this thread to post your condolences, memories, and stories you have with or about The Great Chi! (If you are unable to gain access to your account, and would like to post a reply, please contact the TRF Admin HERE and they'll get that sorted for you!!)

The Great Chi's Archive - https://chi.tombraiderhub.com
More Information about the Playable Mods & Songs - https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...&postcount=108

Special Thanks to the following people for helping & contributing to the archive: tlr online, Kyle Kirkpatrick, Ceamonks890, CircusBabysGal, Kirishima, perryloo, pigypoo8, Alex Fly (Core Design Tribute Fan Site)

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to the archive, such as any of Chi's videos you may have downloaded, or playable mods that Chi created that have not already been archived, or anything else regarding Chi's work that you feel may be beneficial to archive, feel free to reply to this thread with a download link, or you can email the TRF admin, and they'll get that added to the permanent archive! :)

(NOTICE: Videos MAY NOT be uploaded to YouTube, unless it is just temporary so we can add it to the archive! Chi had a love-hate relationship with the platform, and removed all of his videos from the platform for a reason, so we would like to honor his wishes and requests.)

Chi has left a secret message for us on Tomb Raider Forums! Chi modified an old post from an old thread to hide the message in! Take a gander at the threads Chi has created over the years, and see if you can find it!!

Need help finding the secret message? (Click on Show Spoilers to reveal the Hint)

HINT #1 (Gives you a starting point if you're having troubles searching for the message) -
1. On the Navigation Bar, click on Search and then Advanced Search.
2. For the keyword enter Secret
3. For the username enter in The Great Chi, and then change the drop-down menu option to Find Threads Started by User
4. Hit Search Now, and this should have narrowed your results down to 39 threads to search through, compared to the 489 threads that Chi created during his time here.
Special Thanks to perryloo for this hint!! Profile Page - https://www.tombraiderforums.com/member.php?u=60958

HINT #2 (More-Revealing Hint that drastically reduces the number of threads needed to search through to find the message) -
This hint is very identical to the previous hint, the only difference is for the keyword, enter in Secret Message instead of just Secret. You will have narrowed down your results to just 6 threads you have to search through, compared to the 489 threads that Chi created during his time here.
Special Thanks to ANoDE for this hint!! Profile Page - https://www.tombraiderforums.com/member.php?u=14360

Chi's page on the YouTuber Wikia - https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/The_Great_Chi

Feel free to add or change any information that will make the page more accurate!! :)

R.I.P Chi! Hopefully, you were able to find peace beyond the Floating Islands...

Below is the original post I made that started this thread. I was pretty sleep-deprived when I wrote it, and didn't want to believe Chi had passed on, even though it clearly said it in the video. I'll leave it here for legacy purposes...

The Great Chi is an amazing Tomb Raider modder. He has been a member of TRF since 2006, and has over 1K subs on YouTube

Earlier today, this video was uploaded to his channel -
The video was removed from YouTube on March 25th, 2021! Click HERE to watch an archived copy of the video!

Does anyone have anymore information regarding this? He has been inactive on TRF since January 14th, and his last post was on January 10th, and I have personally not PM-ed him since around October 2020. Also, with the exception of this new video, all of his videos have been wiped from his YouTube page! I'd like to not think that the message given in the beginning of the video is true, but all the signs seem to point in that direction... :(

(Mods, if this is not allowed here, feel free to move to wherever it needs to be...)

tlr online 19-03-21 13:20

RIP The Great Chi, you will be sorely missed. :(

LaraCablara 19-03-21 13:57

Did he pass away or just quit the forums? Iím sort of confused by this video :confused:

tlr online 19-03-21 14:00

I believe he passed away LaraCablara. He left us a secret message, you can find it on his profile page.

LaraCablara 19-03-21 14:11


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 8286922)
I believe he passed away LaraCablara. He left us a secret message, you can find it on his profile page.

Oh no :( Thats awful to hear! RIP The Great Chi.

Lara_Fan1 19-03-21 14:14

Oh my god.

Iíve only ever had a few interactions with him over the years Iíve been apart of these forums but he always made me chuckle with his random weird Tomb Raider videos.

Rest In Power The Great Chi, you will be missed by all :(.

Profc 19-03-21 14:16

I am really sad to read this. He was a great modder. I remember that one time, he created a video about TRII, just because we were discussing the topic in the chat. That was really kind of him.

biscuits 19-03-21 14:47

I never interacted with him but I saw his posts around the forum when I lurked around. May he rest in peace.

Blackmoor 19-03-21 15:04

I also never really interacted with him but was always aware of him and his funny videos. A real character and part of TRF to me.

Oh, poor Chi. This makes me really sad.

I respect that he didn't want to talk about it, but I wish we had known he was ill.


trfan16 19-03-21 15:07

This is terrible news. :( I always enjoyed reading about his vast knowledge of the Classic games. Along with the hilarious modding videos he has done as well. My personal favorite was how he nodded TRI Lara into a wheelchair.


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