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tlr online 19-07-22 00:42

Assets and artwork from animated series Tomb Raider Re\Visioned

Assets from GameTap's original 2007 animated series, Re\Visioned, exploring and reimagining video-game heroine Lara Croft, courtesy of Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics and presented as part of our mobile refresh. Follow the hyperlink above to collect the spoils.

GameTap created a new original animated series, "Re\Visioned", for GameTap TV. This all-new animated series explores and reimagines well known video game franchises. The first season features interpretations of video gaming's leading lady, Lara Croft, by well-known animators, comic book artists and writers.

Re\Visioned was used to help promote Tomb Raider Anniversary and became a critical success for Turner Broadcasting System. Tomb Raider Re\Visioned assets also accessible via our Tomb Raider Timeline.


Moon-Safari 24-07-22 10:34

YESSSS these are awesome. At first I got scared and thought that picture you used was the first screen shot of the new cartoon series. No offense to the original artist, the industry changed, but now that looks like clip art or corporate cartoon style.

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