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Tonyrobinson 28-07-22 23:00

MGM loses Tomb Raider film rights

‘Tomb Raider’ Bidding War Erupts as MGM Loses Movie Rights (Exclusive)

A host of Hollywood movie studios are in the mix for the IP franchise Tomb Raider.

MGM has lost the film rights to “Tomb Raider,” based on the popular video game, sparking a bidding war for the IP, TheWrap has exclusively learned.

MGM had till May of this year to greenlight a “Tomb Raider” sequel, and the window passed. A host of Hollywood movie studios are in the mix and put in bids, according to multiple insiders with knowledge of the project.

Alicia Vikander who starred in the 2018 reboot is no longer attached to the project.
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Graham King is still attached and considering offers whether that means he is seeking a new studio or to sell the full rights time will tell, but unfortunately plans for a sequel with Alicia and Misha Green have fallen apart.

HarleyCroft 28-07-22 23:01

Womp womp, guess that's the end of that chapter.

Rai 28-07-22 23:09

Well that stings. Misha and Alicia no longer attached :(. The article says there is a bidding war among movie studios, let's hope it gets picked up quickly and a new studio doesn't dawdle in making a new movie. Maybe even Alicia may still be in the running for the role.

Tonyrobinson 28-07-22 23:09

Interestingly they've added that insiders say its a complete reboot again. It's sad that Alicia had not gotten her sequel especially because it seemed she was so willing to return. :(

Vaskito 28-07-22 23:12

Being a Tomb Raider fan is so painful.
Iím so sad for Alicia no longer being attached. She did amazing and I was so excited to see her in a sequel

Tonyrobinson 28-07-22 23:18

Gosh, I feel so shocked and let down for Alicia but maybe this time the reboot will be more in line with what the classics were and go back to the more traditional Lara.

Maybe Hayley Atwell could play the role atleast then there'd be some representation of a unified Lara in the role.

HarleyCroft 28-07-22 23:19


I'm excited for new casting :o

Tonyrobinson 28-07-22 23:26

It's bittersweet but I'm also excited to see a new HOPEFULLY more classic direction for the films. I wonder which studios are in the running and if GK Films will hang onto their stake. From the sounds of it they might sell the IP outright.

GeekOfComedy 28-07-22 23:27

I don't know. They can still reattach Alicia but she gets to re-negotiate her contract. GK FILMS is still producing. Netflix is likely though if they have the animated series. Horrifying because of their quantity over quality situation. If anything, I'd like Apple to buy it and let them nourish the IP or take it back to Paramount!

Tonyrobinson 28-07-22 23:32

I honest can see them rebooting it as a series this time rather than a film to further distance themselves from the recent reboot. But I certainly would prefer another big screen adventure with a studio who will pump money into the projects marketing.

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