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remyma 28-04-18 02:20


I can barely see anything. Looks like combat.

Isaac 28-04-18 02:21

:vlol: it had to happen, it was just a matter of time.

I can't wait to see members analyzing each pixels and coming to the conclusion that her forehead is too small... from that cellphone video.

NoahCrofRaider 28-04-18 02:24

That's not much of a leak, more like an animated screenshot/GIF, so no hype for me.

Johnnay 28-04-18 03:01

Does anyone know the PC System requirements

Hopefully my 1050ti will still be good for solid 1080p gameplay, if not 900p

dantedmc 28-04-18 03:10

That's a one dumb leak

JsotoTRSaga 28-04-18 03:15

Wow that is not even a leak... I can't see anything to write home about :p

It looks like a combat section which looks a lot like your typical combat encounter in Rise.

just*raidin*tomb 28-04-18 03:25


Originally Posted by Stevo505 (Post 7866582)
Has anyone noticed the evolution of Laras quotes in the 3 CG trailers?
I knew what I must become. We become who were meant to be. I have to wonder.. what will I become? I just thought about it and realized it shows an evolution of her character arc and I find it fascinating.


FearEffect 28-04-18 03:33


Originally Posted by remyma (Post 7866585)

I can barely see anything. Looks like combat.

I wonder how her official outfit looks like in-game, and I also wonder why they switched outfits for those screenshots. I like the look of it on the CGI trailer. Rise's outfit wasn't very different from the CGI one.

tombstone 28-04-18 04:07

Has it been discussed that lara causes the apocalypse by stealing the knife that was shown in the trailer? point me to the discussion if so pwease. :D

lance6439 28-04-18 04:10

I think she's the most bad ass version of Lara Croft there's ever been. omg.

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