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rowanlim 08-08-09 19:41

^Yeah I actually remembered it was about the Starlights, but I couldn't find the link where I read that bit :p

Yuna´s Wish 08-08-09 20:40

When the anime aired here in my country, the voice of Haruka (Sailor Uranus) was that of a man in the latino dubbing version :p I never realized how controversial her fondness for Michiru was until much, much later, when I watched the Japanese episodes :o

miss.haggard 08-08-09 20:45

The theme song gets stuck in my head soooooooo often :D Mars was my favorite I think.

Mai 08-08-09 22:46

Sailor Moon <3

Venus and Saturn were always my favorite. I also liked Tin Nyanko too :)

Marianna12 08-08-09 22:48

You brought back memories!!! I used to watch it when I was 6-7 years old!
One of my fave!!!:o:hug:

Johnnay 08-08-09 22:52

yeah i remember this

i love the main theme music

rowanlim 09-08-09 02:30

The theme song is nice, it's still stuck in my head after so long :D

(well bits & pieces of it)

I prefer the Japanese original song :D

This site has sound clips from the show :)

erosan 09-08-09 04:37

About time someone made a thread for this!
My favorite has and always will be Sailor Mars ^_^ She's just so awesome. The english dub kills my ears and whoever directed that crap should be shot :/

Atlantisfreak666 09-08-09 12:10

Love @ the theme song.

mizuno_suisei 09-08-09 12:54

WOOOOT Sailor Moon! :tmb: Love that anime. Actually bought all 5 seasons and all 3 movies on DVD about two months ago and finished it all within a week hehe. Love Sailor Neptune, she is just awesome, she doesnt have much air-time, but I love her so much, so pretty <3

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