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peeves 05-08-14 11:47

So i finished watching the 25th and 26th episodes of sailor moon yesterday.

Ashnod 07-08-14 04:57

I don't like Zoisite's new voice actor. :(

peeves 07-08-14 12:31

I don't mind zoisite's new voice. ;)

lance6439 17-08-14 18:48

New Wallpaper

peeves 18-08-14 11:47

I just realized that the 2 episodes that come on hulu weekly are from the old series the other day so i made a mistake but I'll still watch the 2 episodes weekly on hulu.

Mai 05-09-14 09:24

Episode 5 tomorrow! :D

Lenochka 06-09-14 12:57

I liked that episode more than the last one. Jupiter's transformation is probably my favorite in Crystal so far. :D

Oh, and the first 4 episodes of the new dub are on Hulu. I couldn't even finish the first episode... I just can't get use to the new voices yet :/ The DiC dub was bad, but it's how I was introduced to SM and i'm finding it hard to adjust. Hopefully I can just get use to it over time since It would be nice to watch all of it with the same voice actors throughout all 200 episodes.

peeves 06-09-14 15:09

I watched the first 34 episodes so far in total of the old anime.

Ashnod 06-09-14 15:26


Makoto is back. :jmp:

Can't wait for Minako to join the group now.

lance6439 06-09-14 18:08

the battle soundtrack is so soothing...so cutey

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