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Heidi_w_ 27-08-16 21:49

Preview of #8!


I think they head villain just told Lara how they were experimenting on Sam...their lives are now forfeit... :jmp:

Mr GaGa 28-08-16 01:38

Ugh Sam is still in the story? :( . Sigh I think I'm depressed

Heidi_w_ 28-08-16 12:34

Given that trinity is experimenting on the patients with mind-altering drugs, I think it's safe to say the events which take place therein will be entirely covered up -- which absolves Sam from any Himiko-controlled actions, thankfully.

But it's what happens once she's out of there that worries me...bet you anything she's gotten those other escapees to come with her to establish a new Himiko cult.

SamCactus101 28-08-16 15:15

That blow to the face looked painful.

JsotoTRSaga 28-08-16 17:20

I think the third game will cover Himiko and the end of Trinity, at least as a prologue we will see Sam/Himiko's fate, not in the comics. Judging by the last issue and don't bite me for this but am I the only one that thinks Sam will die? I am almost certain that she will as it will be not only painful to Lara, but it will make her truly become who she really is. Instead of saving people she loves, she will understand that at the end she can't save anybody but herself. She will be truly alone.

Heidi_w_ 28-08-16 18:09

I really don't see Himiko featuring in TR11 at all; the concluding arc of the Reboot trilogy will more than likely be about Lara bringing down Trinity + possibly exposing their connection to the Vatican, trying to tie in Himiko into all that would take away from the game's focus.

If Sam survives her current predicament (and I earnestly hope she will) I expect she'll act as a kind of excursion organizer/support for Lara. I don't see Reboot!Lara being completely alone as it wouldn't give her anyone to play off of. She needs allies -- not of the excursion kind, but of the home base kind.

JsotoTRSaga 28-08-16 21:36

She has Jonah and Winston for that ^

I can't see Sam surviving tbh.
She just doesn't fit in the story anymore, think about it. Sam's parents might even hate Lara more for it.

anthonycraig 28-08-16 23:39

I much prefer Jonah as her adventuring ally, he seems more useful and is closer to Lara in my opinion. I wish we could have seen more of him in Rise when playing the game, they left him out for too long and made him forgettable. That's not the point though, but it does just show that Lara is better off adventuring alone. I think we know the sort of trouble she gets herself in with people with her, regardless of whether or not they're doing the dirt work with her or just hanging out. It doesn't make sense for her to risk that.

Jonah is just a cool character in general, he again just seems like someone Lara would actually trust to investigate into things with her, because in the comics they're always interacting through phone/radio and are only seen together in casual settings where they know they're not at risk together. I don't see what Sam would be useful for, her character is too underdeveloped in that sense. I quite like her now because she seems more interesting in this possession, plus the conflict between her family and Lara can make for interesting scenarios such as them finding ways to talk, but again, I just can't see how useful she'd be - that's more for casual friend getups and not buisness.

I just hope they clear it up, really. I think it's inevitable that Sam was just a stereotypical character from 2013, that tried to get fleshed out more and it doesn't seem to be working as well; when proving her contribution without being under the influence of Himiko.

This is all my opinion, don't kill me. :pi:

Edit: Also, whenever Lara is having something to do with Sam, it's through rescuing her. I think she mentions in the recent comic that she's let her down again, or something. Clearly Lara cares about saving her, but they just seem like friends. She feels suitable in the comics because of that; they show Lara's casual life. Regardless of whoever is capturing Sam, it's always for Lara to handle and clear up. She just seems like someone used to fuel the plot a little, to make Lara go somewhere and find something out and solve the case.

James_Rutland 29-08-16 11:36

I think it's becoming very likely that Sam will be a huge plot point in game 3 and probably even recruited by Trinity. They would have recruited Lara but she didn't want to be part of it, however Sam is twisted up and half possessed so she definitely would. I'd be interested in her being in the game if they make her actually interesting and beyond help otherwise it will just be another Save Sam storyline

Wont it just feel like another Amanda storyline though?

renspyro 29-08-16 15:00

Sam it's becoming Amanda already... Just replace the Paraiso creature with Himiko and voila :(

Would be intresting if Sam becomes the final boss of the next TR though :ponder:

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