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LCEF (CA) 07-03-16 16:30

LCEF's projects, objects and other
LCEF's thread of all and nothing
about editor, of course...

I'm just a litle Frenchy who build sometimes... I use the level editor since 2009, but I never released any level for the moment (just some demos on french forums). I make some objects and textures too !
Now I work on a new project called "Lost in the Mist" with I think, more gameplay than my last project and with a deeper story. More info soon :)
I already did three versions but I think, this one is the right one (I hope :ton: )!
I'm not talented like some members, But I try to do my best :) !

Objects: (avaible on TRSearch)
Greek style wall column (inspired by TRA)
Wood trapdoor
Modulable columns

I'll improve those objects one day with smaller textures and better shape :)

Rock and Grass textures - 128*128

Current Projects:
-Lost in the Mist

-A greek level without a name for the moment. It's not my principal project. :)
http://s12.postimg.org/6ii18ckjx/minia1.jpg - http://s22.postimg.org/t6ko6qald/minia2.jpg

LCEF (CA) 07-03-16 16:31


Somewhere inside mountain of China exist a village where villagers venerate a mysterious god. This god can making life or spill death.
After years, the god decided to give to villagers a magic stone that offers the possibility
to give an eternal life to plants. This stone gave them all the ressources they needed for generations.
After a while all villagers quit the mountain and the stone was lost.
Years have passed and new villagers came and discover the stone inside the main temple. The god, forsaken for years, decide to take all those villager to another world.
Survivors decide to hide the stone in the deserted city. Once again, the stone is lost.
After some research and exploration, Lara discovers the city and decides to search the magic stone and put it in it original place, inside the main temple,
to calm down the god and make the place peacefull.

Early Screenshots
http://s22.postimg.org/br2hsawil/miania3.jpg - http://s28.postimg.org/7mbzgu9pl/minia1.jpg - http://s27.postimg.org/5u7y1iy7z/minia2.jpg

last update: 03/07/2016

Nicklander 07-03-16 18:24

Looks nice so far !

Courage ! :)

Alex Fly 07-03-16 18:57

These objects and projects look good. Good continuation on Lost in the Mist ! :tmb:

LCEF (CA) 08-03-16 17:56

Thanks for your feedback :)

Actually i'm working on plants ! Bamboos to be exact :D


Texture of the bamboo itself is from CGtextures (I have modified it) and folliage from TR8 :)

LCEF (CA) 10-03-16 19:24

Sorry for double post :o

Rock and Grass textures - 128*128 (click to DL from TRsearch)

AgentXP 11-03-16 16:01

That bamboo it awesome! So pretty! :eek:

Thanks also for the textures, they will be useful :tmb:

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