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Zsott 27-09-19 21:09


Originally Posted by xspacedude (Post 8134649)
Maybe it has something to do with your country’s censorship? I know in Japan her back is black bc they can’t show red blood.

I don't think the European (France) is censored. Except the blood, but that's the same for everyone.


Originally Posted by MissJodieG (Post 8134651)
I haven‘t seen it either. Maybe it depends on whether or not your game is patched. The hair on the screenshot above looks like the unpatched version.

I have digital release only, so both of them came with day 1 patch, which means it's v. 1.17
I find it odd tho, since the video (and xspacedude) states, both the patched and the unpatched games has it.

For me, there's only one thing on her back... more like on her left shoulder (if I made her wear the Syria outfit) is a barely visible red line.

Lyle Croft 27-09-19 22:33

Can we make it cannon Lara uses some magical artefact to give her an unlimited pocket dimension in a back pack? I'm kind of sick of the quiver obstructing my views lol.

Legends 28-09-19 03:05


Originally Posted by Lyle Croft (Post 8134603)
Lara with her hair down, whew
She looks kinda better in a weird freaky messy girl way.

Though it wouldn't hurt to chop of some of that messy fringe (she has too much!)

She looks she was run over by a lawnmower.

Athukraz 28-09-19 03:37

Shadow's main menu acting like the path home is new content half a year later has me dead

lance6439 28-09-19 04:03

when is the next reboot

LateRaider 28-09-19 04:24


Originally Posted by lance6439 (Post 8134711)
when is the next reboot


Yuna´s Wish 28-09-19 04:32


Originally Posted by LateRaider (Post 8134713)

Saturday or Sunday? It's Saturday here, 1.31 a.m. :eek:

Chamayoo 28-09-19 10:38

I don't remember to have seen this concept art before. Do you recognize the area in the game ? Here it really looks like a dry and desert environment, more similar to Syria or Ziggurat, something we never encountered in Shadow... by memory. I think maybe it is an abandonned idea.


TR1249 28-09-19 11:46

Looks like the Area before you enter The Grand Cayman's tomb

Chamayoo 28-09-19 11:55


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8134752)
Looks like the Area before you enter The Grand Cayman's tomb

It does ! The shantytown with the white fog. Thanks !

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