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SoraSakai 06-11-19 00:08


Originally Posted by Robwood (Post 8149150)
Your video, good sir! :tiphat:

“Your coffee sir. Decaf latte with non-fat milk.”

xspacedude 06-11-19 00:12

What an odd place to put that statue

JsotoTRSaga 06-11-19 00:18

Amazing find, I guess it's one reason to replay the game to see the Llama statue for myself.


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 8149153)
“Your coffee sir. Decaf latte with non-fat milk.”


isanvel 06-11-19 00:34


Originally Posted by Robwood (Post 8149150)
Your video, good sir! :tiphat:

What if the statue it's a puzzle itself
To teleport us to croft Manor? :ponder:

MelikeLara 06-11-19 00:38


Originally Posted by isanvel (Post 8149164)
What if the statue it's a puzzle itself
To teleport us to croft Manor? :ponder:

We can only dream that'd be the answer... Lol

jeffareid 06-11-19 09:35


Originally Posted by Zsott (Post 8148632)
On PC, when I bypass certain trigger, in Paititi only a few NPC will talk to Lara. The others will require either the guard outfit or the tunic.


Originally Posted by xspacedude (Post 8146780)
The Blue Heron restriction was lifted back when The Serpent’s Heart came out.

I can confirm this for PC version 292 (I never tried 294, which apparently just fixed the benchmark). For PC version 292, Lara needs the Serpent Guard for some mission specific NPCs, but she can wear any tribal outfit for the rest of the NPCs.

I also tried glitching to upper Paititi while Lara was wearing a tribal outfit, and it worked fine (other than mission related NPCs), although in some scenes, Lara is shown removing the Serpent Guard head gear while wearing a tribal outfit (Unuratu's prison, Emperors tomb, ...). The merchant in lower Paititi mentions the tunic regardless of what Lara is wearing, and there's mention of serpent priest from some NPCs or in scenes, but otherwise it wasn't an issue.

When Lara talks to Hakan to start the rescue A'aron mission, Hakan states he didn't recognize Lara without the Serpent Guard outfit, even if Lara is still wearing the Serpent Guard outfit.

Linoshi Croft 06-11-19 11:04

I booted up the DE just to have a gander at the changes. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had added an additional graphic setting, something to do with AMD clarity etc. This setting actually really improves the visuals of the game. I found Shadow to be often quite muddy looking and textures quite blurry, but this setting really clears things up. :tmb:

James_Rutland 06-11-19 12:56

In slightly more positive news, exploring Paititi in the normal clothes makes the game feel so much more Tomb Raider. I wish it had been this way from the beginning when you complete the game, would have given me more motivation with the side tombs ect.

I'm still so gutted about Croft Manor but I feel like the long silence actually killed my excitement making the final blow that it's cancelled less hard to swallow.

I'm hoping to see the mansion at the start of the next game as a Tutorial now - it makes more sense to do it that way because the mansion at the start of Shadow wouldn't have been finished after the reconstruction and all that... Fingers crossed

MicheleMouse 06-11-19 14:49

I had to take some screenshots of the llama, too. (Nice find, btw!) Man, another great bonus content. We are spoiled. :vlol:




SpyrosMonster 06-11-19 14:52

^ Photography Queen

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