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Samz 09-01-21 13:28

Run the Gauntlet playable?
Has any playable version of the E3 exclusive "Run the Gauntlet" level came out? I just found out it existed and would like to play it.

Craig Michaels 12-01-21 09:16

Wow, I have seen screenshots of the level before (https://tombraider.fandom.com/wiki/Run_The_Gauntlet) but I had always assumed it was just beta footage that no one actually got to play. I didn't know it had a name or that it was present at E3.

I really like the TR2-style lighting.

UroshUchiha 12-01-21 11:36

Never knew about this level :o
Would be interested to see if it's playable somewhere.

croftyboy 12-01-21 14:32

As far as I remember, LoreRaider faithfully remade these areas in his Puna's Revenge TRLE. Using a lot of beta screenshots and footages. Surely it's not the level but still, It's a very good TRLE and it's as close as we can get.

jonathanrij 12-01-21 17:48

This demo was never released and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be anywhere within reach either. It remains one of the defining holy grails for me, which is why I'm sad to say that my hopes for this demo ever resurfacing are decreasing more and more as time goes by.

However, Dustie recreated the level very accurately, based on all existing media we still have left.

His project doesn't seem to be available publicly, though. :/

TRExpertgamer 21-02-21 07:28

I'm finally glad you people are talking about this now!! :D

Girafarig32 22-02-21 06:22

That loading screenshot is a thing of beauty! Such a shame there's no higher quality version.

Dermahn 22-02-21 11:12


Originally Posted by Girafarig32 (Post 8281226)
That loading screenshot is a thing of beauty! Such a shame there's no higher quality version.

It was leaked recently, along with a couple of other old loading screens :)

perryloo 22-02-21 16:15

That glimpse of a blue speedboat shown in the video is interesting. Is there any details or better pictures of it, as it looks different to the normal wooden speedboat of TR2.


TRExpertgamer 22-02-21 16:41

I hope it's finally going to be playable for us one day. :)

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