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Raider99 23-05-12 13:28


TheTiger 23-05-12 13:28


Originally Posted by klona (Post 6184127)
^ She can, but I think she can do it every 24 hours... I think.

She posted somewhere that she can only edit a thread's name in 24 hours after the thread has been created. Not anymore after that. :o

klona 23-05-12 13:38

Vienna, Many Worlds, One Sky.

Matie 23-05-12 14:11


Originally Posted by TheTiger (Post 6184089)
Well, here's an update, but nothing to show actually.
Both good and bad news;

Exams went well, and i only have Biology left, and a whole summer to lie on the beach and create my levels for this project!

As you all know i have been working on Many Worlds One Sky for a very long time now, almost 1,5 years. And it all started with the Dreamtime swamps, which got so huge that i had to split it due to some error not being able to press ctrl. If i did press ctrl, my whole computer crashed. The only way to solve this was to reduce the amount of rooms and split the level in pieces.
This was not possible since it was one huge open world area, that i got demotivated and thanks to that i canceled the level. But now that sandfalls reached almost double the size of that, the bug started to show up, and i have to split it, but i'm so happy that it is possible this time! So that actually means, that Sandfalls is now splitted into 3 interconnected levels, which you can all enter whenever you want. With this, also raising the amount of levels for Many Worlds One Sky to 7 levels.

But there's even more, i came to the conclusion that i will merge part 1 and part 2 of Many Worlds one Sky together, making the whole game the length of 11 levels; That means, a longer solid game for you guys and one cliffhanger in the story less. :D

A new thread will be coming up soon too. the game isn't about Lara anymore, and since Titak can't edit threadnames anymore, i would have to make a new thread, so stay tuned for the new thread and more information during the hollidays! :cln:

Shame you had to rework that level so many times. But it's awesome that it's going well now!:tmb:
Merging this to a complete game sounds great! So we're going to play the full adventure when it comes out, I guess:) 11 levels sound a lot at first, but you're progressing very well with them, as far as I've noticed. Keep going^^ I love this project! And good luck for your last exam =)

TheTiger 23-05-12 14:30

Thanks Matie!

Everything is indeed progressing well, and your not actually even going to play the full game then. There are 8 different realms you will be in, plus some smal locations you'll visit inbetween, everyone will play the first 4 realms. And all of them are in high-speed-process if i say so myself. :D

Sandfalls has been worked on a lot indeed, i started building it on the start of November, and we're in May now, so that's quite some time yes. :o

dizzydoil 23-05-12 16:20

I'm so excited seriously!! :cln:

Titak 23-05-12 16:35


Originally Posted by Raider99 (Post 6184133)
She can change after 24 hour after creation of thread. :)
Going off topic...
Btw, best of luck! :tmb:


Originally Posted by TheTiger (Post 6184134)
She posted somewhere that she can only edit a thread's name in 24 hours after the thread has been created. Not anymore after that. :o

Can, sure, always.
But I may not.
The matter was discussed in "Mods Only" a while ago and it was ruled that thread titles should not be changed anymore after 24 hours.

I hope this makes it more clear.
I suppose my use of the word "can" was a bit cinfusing because technically it is still possible at any given time.

@ TheTiger:
Once the new thread is up it might be a good idea to close this thread, posting a link to the new one in the last post.

dizzydoil 23-05-12 16:37

Something to do with messing up search engines I assume? Otherwise it's a bit pointless...

Titak 23-05-12 16:43

Correct. :tmb:

TheTiger 23-05-12 16:46

Ah, i get that. ;)

I'll give you a sign when the new thread will be launched so you can close this one. :D

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