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klona 17-01-12 11:22

Nice screens. :p

dizzydoil 17-01-12 11:27


Originally Posted by TheTiger (Post 5922364)
I'll be continueing with polishing the first post since i was kinda in a hurry yesterday but it was really time to make this thread, so more juicy news in a few hours. I'll post something when im done.

I'm so excited! :yah:

Jesus C.Croft 17-01-12 11:44

Amazing gameplay video and screenshots, very well textured and lit. I specially like the two last screenshots, they're very beautiful :tmb: Those eagle-demigods and the gargoyle look fabulous too.

AdrielRaider 17-01-12 13:29

The game looks very good. I really like the way you used fantasy mixed with tomb raider, very creative. It makes me remember a bit the game Kingdom Hearts.

TheTiger 17-01-12 13:31

Thanks all! :D

That's exactly where im going for, a mixture of Tomb Raider and Square Enixs games! :hug:

The first post is almost done! :D

bagas 17-01-12 14:02

Wow great screen TheTiger. I love the trailer too :)
you always improve in level building :)

Raider99 17-01-12 14:06


TheTiger 17-01-12 14:14


Originally Posted by bagas (Post 5922644)
Wow great screen TheTiger. I love the trailer too :)
you always improve in level building :)

Such another nice comment! :hug:


Originally Posted by Raider99 (Post 5922657)

Thanks both of you!

First post updated, i added:

-Beta screenshot of the palace of the library
-Level order of Part 1
-Some extra info (will be updated tomorrow again)
-Some 2D Maps

Raider99 17-01-12 14:45


TheTiger 17-01-12 14:48


Originally Posted by Raider99 (Post 5922703)
Oh my god!:cln:
It's so big map!:D

Thanks, its more the just one map :P one of them is the first part of the palace of the vultures and the other two are the Swamp levels :P

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