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mizuno_suisei 20-06-19 01:56

Looking for any Japanese speaking members! I'm not a native but I'm very passionate about the JP dubs of TR. Would love some help transcribing the dubs into subtitles - I'm only an intermediate speaker so I can't pick everything correctly by ear!

ryan91 26-06-19 17:30

Rara wa oppai ga dekai desu ^0^

tomblover 27-06-19 08:55


Whew. Always good to get some practice in, lest I forget the 2 years I spent in uni for this ****... :vlol:

mizuno_suisei 27-06-19 13:38

え! 今trクロニクルを遊んでる。もちろん日本語阪。声優の声は美しい

mizuno_suisei 27-06-19 13:46

Being doing some transcribing today. Any guesses where this is from? ;)

ようこそ.去年あの激務を終えた後スキルを磨き,さらに向上させようとこの襲撃ミッションを計 画したの。

違う, そうじゃないわ.この溝を越えるには, ジャンプと全身を同時に押すの. 元の一からやり直して。


It's interesting they made Lara almost overly feminine (using wa and no as sentence finishers)
No surprise. She was advertised in Japan as a supermodel adventurer at first :vlol:

tomblover 27-06-19 16:01

TR2, eh? :p

(good grief though, am I kanji illiterate - had to look most of those up, and that's exactly why I dropped out of uni :vlol:)

Supermodel adventurer, really? I know Japan kinda originated her birthday at least, but I suppose that explains the whole "Pretty Fugitive" thing, too...

As far as the feminine expressions go, to be fair, Lara's speech patterns even in English are quite feminine, I think - it's just that in Japan, 女言葉 is so very systematic, that it seems more pronounced.

I guess it comes across as girly though, in Japanese, more than womanly. I haven't paid much attention to the way she speaks, actually, in the clips I've seen. :pi:

EDIT: I have to say, I love Atsuko Tanaka as Lara, as well. Megumi Ogata did a great job in TR1 though - very close match, I thought, to Shelley's performance.

mizuno_suisei 28-06-19 04:01

What do you mean by Japan originated her birthday?

It was long before the Beautiful Fugitive they decided she was a bombshell (or atleast officiated it! ;) ) in a few of my jp guide books of the classic trs its mentioned in almost every blurb. Sekkai ichiban SEUPAA MODERU KUROFUTO SANNN :vlol:

I think you're on the ball about the femininity. If you play them through a bit more you'll find dawa alot..desu wa, iku wa. When I was learning Japanese post high school my sensei at the time was super friendly and i got her to help me transcribe some TRC cutscenes with me to pick up words I couldnt catch. I definately remember her mentioning the overuse of feminine form - she said it's usually reserved for very quiet and respectful women but considering Lara's character, it makes sense. Speaking of transcribing.. you're right too. I get lost on SO many kanji! But atleast after just doing the Assault Course lines, I recognize some new ones and will hopefully not forget..gake - ledge, kabe - wall etc

I loved Megumi's voice as well! When I first recieved all my jp versions they all came at once so it was..insanely awesome. I heard Megumi and thought nooo that's Sailor Uranus!!! :vlol: but I really do like Atsuko, definately by fave. Big stint from TR2 to AOD. If you haven't played the AOD version yet you must.
If you think Shelley and Megumi had similaries..wait till you hear AOD Atsuko and Jonell...I find THAT uncanny!

Just noticed my own forum signature that I've had for a million years..".Un Nara Jibun de Tsukamu wa"
from the cutscene of Lara and Jean Yves in Alexandria. I make my own luck ;)

tomblover 28-06-19 22:19

I believe it was in a Japanese guidebook where her birthdate was first listed as the 14th of Feburary, no? And coincidentally (or perhaps that's why) I think TR1 launched that day in 1997 as well. :p

I think the onna-kotoba hasn't stood out to me much because I tended to use a lot of it as well, back when I spoke Japanese relatively often - but nobody ever called me out for it, so I'd like to think I wasn't overdoing it. :vlol:

mizuno_suisei 15-08-19 02:21

Take a look at ララ❤クロフト (@ZacharyleviJ): https://twitter.com/ZacharyleviJ?s=09

I'm trying to get in touch with Rara's voice actress, by form of a Twitter dedicated to Iapanese TR footage for anyone who sees this now and in the future. ��


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