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Chamayoo 17-02-23 11:13


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8390878)
Temple of moon sucks. After a few rounds it gets tiring and they expect you to score a ridiculous amount of points in order to claim all the rewards.

The big reward seems sooooo not possible but you have nice rewards in between. Though it's hard to gain high scores, it's very quickly a mess with many wolves, frogs and icy spikes on you. :cln:

Lleonard Pler 17-02-23 17:43

The gameplay is simple yet addictive and once you get used to all menus and currencies, it flows smoothly and gets you into upgrading all your gear.

Currently I'm stuck at Lost Valley. Such a long level with some nasty enemies.

Does anybody know how do you unlock the side tombs? I unlocked the Vilcabamba tombs in my first try but after replaying a couple of times the first 2 levels, I couldn't unlock anything.

Also at this moment I'm trying the Chakram weapon, it's powerful as it work as a kind of boomerang. I was lucky to get a rare (blue) one.

charmedangelin 17-02-23 18:22

Stuff like this is totally fair game design.

CroftManiac05 17-02-23 18:28

Well it's... definitely a mobile game.... They're trying really hard to make it as annoying as possible at certain levels, but I'm not spending a single dime on this. It has to be the least exciting TR mobile game. It's ok if you want to kill some time, but nothing special.

Em20 17-02-23 19:29


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8390929)
Stuff like this is totally fair game design.

I HATE those icy spikes :cen:

jeffrey van oort 17-02-23 23:50

What a great way to spend your time.

LateRaider 18-02-23 07:37

i want to try lost valley but i keep putting it off. is it as **** as it was in the softlaunch? its where i lost interest last time

Xilurm 18-02-23 09:22


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8390929)
Stuff like this is totally fair game design.

It's a trial and error game design. Considering you only need to use your thumb to play the entire game I wouldn't call it unfair.

Gancian 18-02-23 09:30

What exactly do the green flags do in Temple of Moon?
It looks like they increase my health point only when I'm over 9000 (cue Vegeta meme) but if Lara's HPs get under 9000 they stop having any effect whatsoever. "10%+" still appears but nothing changes in my health bar.

charmedangelin 18-02-23 18:36

The green flags are supposed to heal you, but they are currently bugged.

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