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SoraSakai 02-02-21 01:55


Originally Posted by Chamayoo (Post 8276157)
Ok Urosh just killed a baby or ... ?
What is the point to make them or others who have interest in this game guilty like this ?

Read my posts. I was very succinct with what I said and the reasons I gave.
Supporting something like this is immoral and disturbing. You’re essentially saying “It’s okay for companies to manipulate people and treat us like morons.” You might think you’re clapping back at me or something, but you’re actually just insulting your own integrity as a person.

UroshUchiha 02-02-21 08:39

I disagree that not giving money to these projects helps only me. If more people stopped giving money to these companies then it would be helpful to everyone.

But eh, I've said everything I had to say so I've got nothing more to add to this discussion. My full reasoning is on the previous page and I stand by it.

I'm sorry it makes you disappointed and disturbed. Our points of view on this issue and how to resolve it are clearly different and it will not change so you do you and I'll do me :D

SoraSakai 02-02-21 08:43

Okay well that’s great. I’m not going to be complicit in normalizing this.

Zsott 02-02-21 12:30


Originally Posted by jackali (Post 8275305)
It's currently only available in select regions for testing.

Some people have managed to get their hands on the APK floating around the Internet.

I'm in those regions...interesting enough, playstore says , that it's not compatible with my phone, but with an older one -which I don't use- so I downloaded the apk of the latest version... and it works well on the phone, that is not compatible. Like what?

On that note, some thoughts:
I was reading patchnotes and apparently saving progress wasn't a thing 'till this year. I mean... why?

When I started to play, I tried to be positive, since Relic Run was a positive disappointment (generally i see no appeal in any temple run type of games)
So I fired it up and... microtransactions all over the place, the levels are just no.
I thought it would be something like GoL, but heavy on shooting and locations will be recognizable. (From TRA and/or TR1)
I played for a good 20 minutes, but it's just no. Not for me.
The only positive thing I can say, that some of the musics are enjoyable.

UroshUchiha 02-02-21 15:21


Originally Posted by Zsott (Post 8276369)
I was reading patchnotes and apparently saving progress wasn't a thing 'till this year. I mean... why?

Saving progress was always a thing, it's just that with the latest update the save files are also transferred to the cloud on Google Play Games so you can play the game on multiple devices.
What they did ruin in my opinion in this latest update is that if you close the app mid level, all your progress in that level is lost and you can't continue from the stage you were on. While on the previous update you could continue at any point. But people abused that when they are low on health, just close the app, reopen it and get fully healed and continue mid point into the level. Could even avoid death using that.

Mikky 02-02-21 15:27

The grind on this game is just insane. The amount of times I had to replay stages to get coins and EXP just so I could complete the Caves chapter... That's chapter 2 for those who don't know. And after all of that, only to immediately get overpowered and bombarded by enemies on the very first stage on the City of Vilcabamba. Now what, it's back to completing the same chapter over and over again to gain EXP? There's just no balance here.

Don't get me wrong, I know what kind of game this was going in and I could be shouting at a wall here, but as I said before, I played Archero for a while in preparation for this and the difference between these games are very apparent. Yeah, the mechanics are virtually identical, but in Archero, it felt like you were actually making steady progress, fair progress, while still being somewhat challenging. After the first chapter in Reloaded, the game just goes from 10-100 and it is very off-putting.

I know this is still in early access and there's time to change and improve stuff, and I'm not sure if this is somehow deliberate to pad out an otherwise short early access "demo", but if not, they've got to get to work. I do get that they want to make money, but the developers also need to understand that this model is off-putting to players as it is, and they'll definitely alienate players further if they do not balance the progression system. I think I got to around chapter 5 in Archero before it became this hard but even then, I felt like I could have still continued on fairly fine without grinding too much. They should at least make chapter 1-3 playable without excessive grinding, to draw players in and give them a real taste of the gameplay. They can do what they like after that.

A few other minor improvements that I think could go a long way: increase Lara's base rate of fire. As in, the rate of fire you start of with. It's too slow as is. The aiming system is general is kind of wonky; sometimes I can't seem to aim at the enemy closest to me. I don't know how else to describe it, there's just something off. Also, the run cursor (virtual analog stick?) gets in the way too often. I don't know how they can improve it but that never seemed to be a problem in Archero.

I hope the devs are seeing the posts here anyway. I know this game is already notorious but I think they might as well improve whatever they can to make the game more welcoming/enjoyable on the full release.

charmedangelin 02-02-21 16:56

Honestly if it wasn't changed much after this big update, I'm not gonna hold my breath for the grinding to change much in the final version. They want you to spend money after all, they need people to buy the gems and the in game gear.

What we see is the barebones of the game, and if they ever ended support for it, the game completely unplayable without purchasing gems and gear.

DVDSpike 02-02-21 18:29

I don’t think grinding is an issue. I think grinding can be fun. There just comes an issue when you purposely make the grinding boring and then offer paywalls to get past it.

I think a lot more effort needs to be put into this game in order to make the grinding fun, because this game was made with a “money first game second” mindset.

I think this project is salvageable, though.

Like I said to Ed on Twitter I’ll keep an open mind but the only thing I’m looking forward to so far is the music. But even then that makes me worried because of the live orchestra. They’re going to have to justify the costs of a live score somehow and unfortunately that probably means making the grinding more unappealing than it already is so you’ll spend more on the micro transactions.

SoraSakai 02-02-21 21:06


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8276423)
The grind on this game is just insane

I wonder why that would be.

Chamayoo 07-02-21 11:14

I managed to install the new version but I lost all my progression. RIP

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