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tomblover 11-04-21 00:57

Nice. Having network issues now, too - I received uncommon hollow-point ammo in a crate, so I dismantled the old ammo I was using, which worked out just fine, but now it's not letting me equip or upgrade the new ammo... :vlol:

I mean, I managed to equip it and upgrade it to level 2 (the game was struggling to let me do so, but it worked), but now it's completely locked me out of it.

Says I can't equip or dismantle it, and when I try to upgrade it, it's telling me to go find more ores.

I did a quick run-through of a chapter to get some more ammo ore, in case that would help "reset" it, but alas! :p

UroshUchiha 11-04-21 09:43

I just woke up and the server issue is still present. Something very bad happened apparently. The game is literally unplayable at the moment. Getting network errors randomly even while just afking in main menu.

Mikky 11-04-21 12:43

Huh, really? The game has been working fine for me since last night

UroshUchiha 11-04-21 16:35

Not for me. The game is having network errors constantly. Both on my wifi and phone internet. Managed to finish a stage twice today without interruptions and in the end screen it tells me that I finished the daily dash challenge fully while once in the main menu it counted nothing I did in that run at all.

And then a network error happens, once I boot up the game again it pretends I didn't play at all and rolls me back to before I even spent the tickets.

As I said on their Discord server, I truly understand people who go for modded apks for games that require constant server checks for stuff that should be locally saved on the phone. Servers choked now and the game is unplayable the whole weekend. Thankfully it's still early access but still this won't help the games overwhelming negative score on playstore.

Samz 16-04-21 23:56

Anyone see that New Doom Eternal Mobile game Mighty Doom? it looks like a re-skin of this.

UroshUchiha 17-04-21 10:24


Originally Posted by Samz (Post 8293322)
Anyone see that New Doom Eternal Mobile game Mighty Doom? it looks like a re-skin of this.

Yeah it was linked a few months back in this thread:

I wouldn't be surprised if more of these pop up.

Brendanlovesu1 18-04-21 13:28

Tina Guo is doing the soundtrack for Tomb Raider Reloaded, I love her work on the dark angel symphony

jackali 18-04-21 15:02

These daily dash challenges are insane.

Hit enemies with ultimates 420 times. Might help if I had a mask with a different ultimate for that, rather than a close range one.

Oh, had to restart progress as I finally got the game working again after the update which wiped it, and couldn't get in to get a screenshot of the player ID. Can't be helped, I suppose.

Wow, the first few stages of The Lost Valley are insanely hard now, having started from scratch. Even more punishing than before. Why would anyone think this was a good idea?

Mikky 05-05-21 17:02

There's a new update for the game. There's now daily rewards for simply logging on the game. The soundtrack has been updated too and is now almost completely orchestral by the sound of it. A few other minor tweaks here and there but nothing worth mentioning.

UroshUchiha 05-05-21 17:41

Full patch notes:

Android: Available countries: Thailand, Philippines, Sweden, Australia, Ireland
iOS: Thailand (will be released this or next week)

Relic distribution has changed in the Chapters. From now on your Relics are tied to a country Lara can travel to (currently it's Peru and Greece) to not just specific Chapters. You can check the available Relics in each chapter's description.
Not every puzzle room will have a Relic, it's up to a chance.
The further you progress through the chapters the higher the probability that you discover a Relic piece. This means that you will have a highest chance to find a Relic piece in Chapter 5 in Peru than in chapters 1-4.
Effects changes:


Daily login rewards!
New exciting rewards waiting for you to claim every day, without any grind or sweat.

Daily Dash challenges balancing More reasonable tasks
Outfit increased HP per level, reduced Attack bonus
Gear Light Supply - dodge chance decreased
Gear Long Range Ammo - dodge chance decreased
Ability Dodge Master trigger chance decreased to avoid OP situations in the future
Ability Crit Master trigger chance decreased, removed limitation on how many times it can be triggered
Devil removed minor buffs
Levels added Treasure chest one Stage before bosses (except of the final boss for each chapter)
Levels some stages were swapped
Enemies Rats increased idle time
Enemies Spiders their speed is reduced in the tutorial


Tooltip improvements
Improvements in the initial stages of the game
Loading - The initial assets downloading is now faster as it will be done that during the first few minutes of the gameplay. This means that the game might run a bit slower at first.
Text - fixed several pop ups, descriptions and tool tips
No shards at the end of a run
Fixed several pop-ups (Unhandled exceptions, Server Error 1 pop ups, etc.)
Updated abilities descriptions
UI fixes
Fixed the issue with Spider boss that will allow to continue to the next room between it splits
Fixed issue with Nova ability using grenades instead of projectiles in certain situations
Fixed some accounts that were stuck in Tutorial
Fixed some abilities that were constantly repeated in the Wheel
Fixed several instances when linking an account to google play did not work
Fixed a bug when enemies are killed by damage over time effect but did not trigger Nova
Fixed Lara focusing on an enemy despite an object in between blocking the view
Fixed Tendril plant's damage

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