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Dote 05-05-21 19:20

Where do you find info on this game? I have played it a while and even used some cash but I can't even find any official posts from the devs. I'm in Sweden but there's no update for me yet!?

Mikky 05-05-21 19:23

Oh, thanks for that. Just out of curiosity, where did you find that?

I'm not really sure if I understand the differences in the way you obtain the relics but I guess for someone who already has all of them, it doesn't really matter :p

Interesting how they didn't fix the lucky wheel/money exploit :pi:

UroshUchiha 05-05-21 19:28

@Dote I used the VPN to Sweden to get my update so not sure why you don't have it.

I get all my info about this game from their official Discord server.

Dote 05-05-21 19:33

Oh okey that's weird. I hope it gets updated tomorrow maybe it's some android version thing. Haha I feel old discord is something my pupils use. I never even thought of going looking there.

UroshUchiha 05-05-21 19:41

The release schedule is apparently done in batches or something. The community manager said that they released the update initially to 20% of the players. I was using Thailand VPN at the time, had no update. Swapped to Sweden and the update was there.

As for Discord when you open the games Account Settings tab, you have Discord listed as Social Media which you can click to directly go there.

And as for Artifacts I think that with this update we can get the rest of them as well now, the higher chapter we play, the more chance of them to drop. First three apparently can only drop in chapters 1 - 5 and Owl can only drop in 6 - 10, so basically only in 6 cause that's the last one at the moment. That's how I understood it.

jackali 06-05-21 15:19

No matter what method I've tried, I've been unable to get this working via either the play store or aurora, so I'll just have to wait until it appears elsewhere.

Mikky 06-05-21 16:24

When you say "working", do you mean to update the game? It stopped appearing on the Aurora store for me even when I was using a VPN, but then I realized the store has a tab to view existing installed apps on your device and you can view the game page that way, with the option to update the game if needed. Hopefully that helps.


Was playing the game today and to my surprise, a new relic piece randomly appeared in a puzzle room. I must have completely misunderstood the patch notes then - all those relic pieces in the list are actually obtainable now. You just have to be lucky and hope they appear in the later stages

UroshUchiha 06-05-21 16:48

Don't spend your shards on upgrading those for now. They released an announcement earlier today. All relics were supposed to reset with this update cause of the changes, but they didn't.

"Hey, everyone! We had to stop the roll out on 50% as we are trying to fix the Relics reset. Thank you for being patient with us."

Mikky 06-05-21 17:38

Whaaaaat? For real? Will they at least refund us the shards and coins?

UroshUchiha 06-05-21 18:20


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8296636)
Whaaaaat? For real? Will they at least refund us the shards and coins?

They did say that people will be compensated and that they should check the in game mail for that once it happens. We'll see. I was hoarding shards ever since I heard that the relics will be revamped and reset (known for a month cause I am on their Discord). And yesterday when the update happened and they didn't reset I just upgraded a bunch of them so yeah.

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