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sasho648 16-09-19 21:29

What's your definitive "video game"
If anyone asks me what game to begin with it - I would recommend him Batman Arkham Knight - with either controller or keyboard.

Anyone shares this opinion with me?

Or if not what's your definition of a "video game" in terms of a single title. It's one step further from "favourite".

domino92 16-09-19 22:07


If you can get into it, it's more than a game. It's an experience.

Yunas Wish 16-09-19 22:36

Dark Souls. It's what a game must be. Not too hard, not too easy. Frustrating only if you want it to be. Rewarding. You learn when you try and you fail. Normally not gimmicky. Fantastic setting, characters and world design. You can get a very deep understanding of the lore if you truly mean it (and you'll probably mean it). And it never takes control away from the player with scripted crap.

I'd recommend it to anyone who values gameplay, exploration and learning over other aspects of a game. I wouldn't recommend it to quitters.

NoahCrofRaider 16-09-19 23:18

Hmm... Im not too sure, but something like Breath of the Wild or Sonic Adventure (1 or 2) is probably what Id say.

They give you a lot of enjoyable content on your first playthrough, but it leaves behind some postgame meat for you to gnaw on until you feel like a replay.

Blackmoor 17-09-19 00:09

The Last of Us

It used to be TR when the classics were out but obviously that's ages ago now. Despite these games being different in some ways, in others I actually feel they have a similar vibe. Slow careful progression through beautiful yet unsettling situations and environments with a constant feel of wondering about what will happen next.

jarekhanzelka 17-09-19 05:37

I second the Bloodborne and Dark Souls mentions, some of the games that tore me right out of stagnation back when I fell out with videogames, by reminding me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

From additional experience, I'm sure many games would've served the purpose, but I have personally successfully converted a non-gamer with VtM:Bloodlines.

biscuits 17-09-19 06:01

The Mass Effect Trilogy. Probably my favorite thing ever, not just games.

Grizzly Bear 17-09-19 06:16

My favourite video game is Red Dead Redemption 2 but I understand that it's probably because I've really been into western stuff ever since I was a very very little child.
So because of that, it is my definitive video game, I loved the story even more than the first one and I loved the "slow", realistic gameplay, too (lots of people hate it, it's a matter of taste).

Mani_Man 17-09-19 07:41

Puh, thats such a hard question.

To me the "definitive" video game needs to have it all.
A good story, great graphics, engaging characters, smooth controls...but most importantly variety in gameplay.

Thats why i dont think the "definitive" video game doesnt exist yet.

Personally the closest one would be Batman Arkham City or one of the uncharted games...maybe 2.

But i couldnt possible put one game on a throne because i like the variety and different things games bring to the table.

killchan 17-09-19 09:39

A definitive game I'd recommend?
I'll got full retro and say Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

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