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Mr.Burns 31-12-09 19:39

Tomb Raider Forum Member Pictures
It's a new year, new decade so how about a new picture thread :)

As with the previous thread, we ask that you keep the following in mind when posting or commenting:

Given the fact that this is an all ages, we ask that members under the age of 18 refrain from posting semi naked images. This includes casual and beach shots.

Provocative or sexually suggestive images are also not allowed here as this goes against the purpose of this thread. So, keep it clean. :)

Image sizes no more than 800 pixels, anything larger and the images should be linked.

In the interests of consideration of other members, and in a general sense of netiquette, members are asked to convert any images in a post they quote into links, if it is necessary to quote the picture(s) at all. All who are viewing the thread have already seen the pictures. We don't need to repeatedly view the same pictures in post after post.

We also ask that people confine off topic chatter to the Open Chat thread. Minor tangents but focused on a person's picture are okay as long as they don't drag on but completely going off on a topic that has nothing to with the thread topic is off topic. We want this to be a friendly and easy going thread but if people continue to ignore this guideline and a moderator's suggestions, then we very well may resort to suspensions.

Finally, this is supposed to be a friendly environment where we can chat and make friends. We ask that everyone here makes a serious effort to maintain the friendly atmosphere that we have enjoyed for so long.

The previous thread can be found here.

Enjoy :)

lararoxs 31-12-09 19:42

New thread, new picture!:D

Surohicko 31-12-09 19:44

^ Nice Start to the thread

Nice picture :tmb:

SGRaider 31-12-09 19:48

Woo hoo! A new tread! :D
Looking great lararoxs!
Happy New Year everyone!

LaraRules81 31-12-09 19:48

You're so pretty, lararoxs! :D

Catracoth 31-12-09 19:49


I love that picture so much. It came out brilliantly! And lararox, you are very lovely :)!

-DaNnEe.. 31-12-09 19:49

New thread, silly picture.


Catracoth 31-12-09 19:50


Originally Posted by -DaNnEe.. (Post 4259270)
New thread, silly picture.

You look like Chuck Bass :cln:!

Surohicko 31-12-09 19:51


Originally Posted by -DaNnEe.. (Post 4259270)
New thread, silly picture.

But why in black and white?

Gabi 31-12-09 19:55

Remember: convert images in quotes into links, please, unless you quote pages later.
Since we can't keep repeating this, posts might get deleted otherwise.
Thank you. :)

Good thread - good looking people. :D

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