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tlr online 17-08-22 13:21

Congratulations Woops.

UroshUchiha 17-08-22 14:32

This is fantastic news! I am so excited to see the update!

JOHN30011887 17-08-22 20:20

Congrats, cant wait to see what happens in future updates :D

Woops 18-08-22 15:19

Thank you everyone!!

[B]annl[/B] just launched the brand new exe on his Steam Deck! and it works like a charm!


We also have a brand new icon :jmp: Made by the lovely [B]Delca[/B]! it's authentic to the original yet still looks nice and modern :)

HarleyCroft 18-08-22 17:32

Nicely done, Troye :)
And Delca! That original icon is kind of funny in comparison :vlol:

Ameliorator 19-08-22 11:53

I just saw the updates you posted for this and tomb5 and it's fantastic to see TR4 has been completely decompiled. Congrats to all of you on getting that done! Looking forward to seeing whatever you have to share next Troye

lanyer 11-09-22 18:44

[QUOTE=Woops;8369532]A little update here, too
Yesterday we hit a very huge milestone.
[B]We finished decompiling 100% of the remaining game functions, and built a brand new tomb4.exe :jmp:[/B]


This is a huge milestone, it means we have a [I]fully open source accessible implementation of TR4!![/I], that works exactly like the original! some years ago this would have been nothing but a dream, but today it comes true :D

Next update will have a few exciting things (no spoilers :p), but more importantly, it will just be an executable. no dll, no hassle, just an exe :jmp:[/QUOTE]

Great, eagerly awaiting the rollout of the next upgrade:p

DragonsLover 14-09-22 23:36

Nice job with the project. However, there's still a bug that has been reported [url=]back at the end of March[/url]. The fmv04 isn't playing at the end of KV5 after the fmv03 one. Is a fix on the way?

Vitin_96 29-09-22 03:11

Hello, Troye. I guess I found I bug. In vanilla, when you are underwater, everything that's above the water surface is supposed to have a greenish color. But with the patch, it doesn't occur.



Woops 30-09-22 02:49

Hi, yes, I noticed this bug a while ago and fixed it :)
I will check if the FMV bug is fixed - edit: yes it is :)

an update is coming very soon, I've just been very busy and have little free time :/ but soon I hope :>

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